Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Morning Comin' Down -- Thulsa Doom Can Fix It!

If you read this New York Magazine profile of Republican primary and caucus voters, what becomes abundantly clear is what we Liberals have known for years.  The base of the GOP are terrified, Fox News poisoned, rage-drunk and often bigoted.  What they really want in the White House is a vengeful God who will make them all rich and smite everyone from RINOs to welfare queens to Kenyan Tyrants who they believe have stolen their bright future.  And since Thulsa Doom isn't on the ballot this year, they will vote for whoever they believe is his prophet on Earth.  

Our corporate media does not have the vocabulary or moral courage to talk about the most important story of the decade: the fact that the Republican Party has gone mad.  Which is why, when I turned on my teevee machine this morning, I saw infamous conservative hack Hugh Hewitt on a Major America Teevee Network blatting about the only thing Spew Spewitt ever blats on about: the lying criminality and of Hillary Clinton.

Because it's his only line.

Later I learned that had I not shut my teevee machine off and gone to church instead, I could have clicked away from Mr. Spewitt and joined infamous conservative hack Ben Domenech over on Yet Another Major America Teevee Network explain that the Establishment Republicans are nervous about Donald Trump.  

Yes they are.

Vewy, vewy nervous.  

But really, only time will tell.

At church the sermon was on Luke.  The part about how prophets are cheered in their home town... right up until they tell people something they don't want to hear. It's about how a mob threatened to throw Jesus off a cliff when he told them they should quit bugging God for miracles and get their shit together and fix their problems themselves.

There's probably a lesson in there somewhere.  


Smut Clyde said...

Thulsa Doom? Shirley you mean Aunt Ada "something nasty in the woodshed" Doom.

waldo said...

Jesus ...told them they should quit bugging God for miracles and get their shit together and fix their problems themselves.

Exactly what Bernie said!

....Dial into 0.33, but then watch the whole three minutes. He's not Jesus, just a very, very good man.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Okay, since that article went on forever, here are some of the quotes I found interesting before having to quit to get on with my life...

"Nothing has been working for the past eight years."
COMMENT: said while driving along Fury Road in the postapocalyptic hellscape that apparently is the modern U.S.

"It’s harder to be a Christian now in America. We’re now the minority, and I’m hoping Donald can bring us back to being the majority again."
COMMENT: um, how...short of concentration camps for the non-Christians?

"I have a ton of guns, probably 30 guns."
COMMENT: the 2nd Amendment wasn't written to protect a hobby

"Largely, the reason why I’m a conservative is because I’ve been on public assistance my whole life, and I have always felt ashamed of it.”
COMMENT: I wonder who made this person ashamed to be on public assistance. Hmm.

"Our president now isn’t tough at all. I don’t think he cares. I think he’s an economic — I can’t say Hitler. But part of me feels like he does the national debt on purpose, because I feel like he hates America."
COMMENT: when I say Donald Trump is like Doctor Doom, I don't mean it LITERALLY. You, on the other hand...

"He feels that global warming is more important than people getting killed in San Bernardino. People look at that and say, ‘What is he, crazy? You want to spend all these dollars that we don’t have on stuff that ain’t going to happen for 200 years? Are you crazy?’"
COMMENT: let's just spend all the money to fix global warming at the last minute. Because that's how science works

"Personally, I think there should be no taxes."
COMMENT: no, I don't have 5 seconds to think through the ramifications of that statement. Sh*t to do!

"I feel that if you're on some kind of society program, sponsored program, like welfare, for three or six months, your right to vote should be suspended — because you’re biased. You’re obviously going to vote for the guy that promises you that welfare will continue for many years."
COMMENT: people should not vote based on the person who will give them what they want? So you should vote for the other candidate?

"They’re wondering why a lot of the things that are going on in America are going on — with the shootings and stuff. You even watch cartoons — they’ve got shootings on the cartoons, and cussing and swearing. It’s not like when I was growing up, with Bugs Bunny and all them."
COMMENT: no shootings? So what did Elmer Fudd hunt Bugs Bunny with?

Be seeing you.

bowtiejack said...

"It’s harder to be a Christian now in America. We’re now the minority, and I’m hoping Donald can bring us back to being the majority again."

Ohhh, she left out "white". Probably just an oversight.

trgahan said...

"...base of the GOP are terrified, Fox News poisoned, rage-drunk and often bigoted."

The next "fun" part will be the generals when, like 2012, the cannon fodder of the Fascist Right Wing Oligarchy is once again confronted with the reality of how small a group they are and how out of step they are with overall direction of western society.

Koch Industries, Brooks et al., the Beltway will prosper under a President Clinton and even under a President Sanders (yeah their marginal tax rate may rise, but still). A greater societal question to consider is what will the fodder do when it once again is faced with four more years of "oppression" after another 60-40 trouncing?

Robt said...

What is stronger than the conservative base (forged by 30 years of tampering).
I will tell you, The republican establishment that wields the base.

As I write this, Ted Cruz becomes the Iowa Dr,. Doom.

Trump by his own standards is a loser.

Will FOX wait till the end to pick from the candidates for a FOX show and will they rate them by how long they lasted in the race?

--Back to the Mr Doom and Mes Gloom.
The snake temples have been erected across America.
Flint snake temple to the Oregon Refuge temple.

If thier prayers of desire for a conservative leader that will punish their percieved enemies. It will have to be greater than the ast of God parting the Red Sea. Because when you have to take your assault rifle and extra ammo with you to buy groceries or to get a hair cut because you are so scared, fearful and hateful of other. You assuredly see all of that in the mirror as well.
That is a lot of punishing. It is going to cost money to expand Gitmo unless Obama will let us use his FEMA camps.

Just aaa
Come on God, when you forced Noah to take Wharf Rats aboard. It led to the prophecy of the Sewer Rat winning Iowa. Beginning the Trials and tribulations foisted upon the masses by your hand.
Thulsa Doom meet Pastor Doom.

By the way, Andrea Greenspan is besides herself at the reality of such a close race between Hillary and Bernie.
I am sure she is wondering if, there was some sort of puff piece on Hillary she might have been able to do or a more strident tone she could have used when asking Bernie about the Hammer and Sickle.