Thursday, January 21, 2016

Peak Fournier, Ctd.

As most of you know by now, America's Sad Clown of Centrism, Ron Fournier, has come to reject the concept of "honesty" at an almost cellular level.  Which, as it happens, makes him a very useful idiot indeed!  In fact, Mr. Fournier makes a very fine living for himself occupying an important and specialized niche in our Beltway Media:  that of the "Both Siderist" hack whose sole function is to immediately and automatically allocate blame for Conservative travesties and tragedies to "Both Sides".  It is a Prime Directive which he performs with all the brio and efficiency of the average Pez dispenser: a Prime Directive he has shown that he is willing to do whatever it takes to carry out, including manufacturing a fake story and publishing it on Twitter.

Which seems to have gotten him in some trouble.

Well, Hard-Boiled Professional Journalist Person, Ron Fournier is not the kinda man to take such trouble lying down.  No sir!  Usually, his M.O. is to swiftly block whoever is saying true but mean things about him and run away, Brave Sir Robin-style, but unfortunately this particular travesty against journalism generated too much incoming fire from too many directions at once to simply block-and-flee.

So instead, Hard-Boiled Professional Journalist Person, Ron Fournier, posted this snotty retort...and ran away.

Honestly, while I  expect no better from Mr, Fournier, I would have let this one pass, were it not for the pathetic Semper Fi bro-hug from Mr. Fournier's fellow Both Siderist tool, Matt "Why won't anyone believe I'm an Independent?" Dowd.

That's what makes it art.


Unknown said...

Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier is actually a somewhat talented Twitterer in his own performance art way. All criticism is immediately labeled "partisan" and arrogantly waved away. If Ron chooses to engage the antagonist at all, he deliberately misses or ignores the point of the criticism and makes some high-minded but head-trama-stupid comment about how he just wants to hold everyone accountable or some such claptrap.

And of course, Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier believes, axiomatically and without reflection, that if he's getting criticized by "both sides", that means he MUST BE RIGHT. And regardless of how much water he's carrying for his paymasters in the GOP moneybag circles (and it's a LOT), he continually takes abuse from right-wing lollygaggers for not advocating Obama's immediate arrest and death by firing squad in each column. So he indeed takes fire from "both sides" for pretty much everything he writes. And each time, he becomes more convinced of his virtue and bravery and less able to consider substantive criticism of the inaccuracies and false premises that riddle his work like a block of Swiss cheese that was just used for target practice at a firing range. Thus, he comes to resemble someone with undiagnosed head trauma - hence my loving nickname for him.

He is just the fucking worst, as I said in the last thread. The fucking worst.

trgahan said...

I use the Both Siders as a good way to gauge just how badly the GOP policy has failed on a given issue. Basically, the more Both Siders need to lie, misdirect, build straw men, and make false equivalences about an issue; the more the issue is GOP public policy failing.

Flint’s water issues are just the latest state-level example of the utter failure of the very GOP governmental policy of cut taxes, deregulate, austerity for those below 5 million net worth, and privatize, privatize, privatize that the “intellectual” conservatives want implemented at the federal level. For states, these shit policies has just brought it down to a point that basic municipal water supplies are under threat.