Wednesday, January 27, 2016

... but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office

...or public Trust under the United States.

-- Article VI, Clause III of the United States Constitution

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Robt said...

As the Birther has come home to roost.
The evangelical Trump card has been played (back).

couldn't have been deployed and received by any other 2 that have been more worthy.

I understand your statement of no religious test.

But I watched JFK give speech (going offense) that he would not take orders from the Vatican. I watched President Obama give a speech of his time in a church he frequented because of a jealous religious fervor.
We are always treated to a politician's repenting of sin and counseling with his church leader to forgive his crime.

I recall southern republican faithfuls who ran a TV ad which morphed a triple Amputee Vietnam Veteran democratic U.S. senator into Osama Bin Laden. That allowed the republican opponent to be seen as a defender of Christian America and won.
Sure this exposed the 666 on their nape. It is inferred that when the antichrist comes, we will not recognize him. But that is in the Bible not the Constitution.
Understand, evangelicals put religion over the Constitution and the country that provides their freedom to worship as they choose.

They disdain the idea of the Oath of office, "defending the Constitution"
They "believe" it is following the word of God.

this is in part why we see conservatives use God to promote war, tax cutting , even slavery at one time for Jesus Christ. They are using religion as a remote control to support whatever the GOP claims of God's, in the name of__..

Again, it could not be occurring to more deserving recipients.

Keep in mind the adage,
when your enemy is pouring gasoline all over him to commit suicide.
---------Do not blow out the match.