Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Jeb(!) Reduced To Saying Random Words

Seriously, this is what $50M dollars buys in politics these days?

Jesus, we really do seem to be entering the final, hilarious, Brick Tamland phase of the doomed campaign of Captain Inevitable.

Well frankly I see no reason why I should not try to snag a payday by helping to beat this particular dead horse.  After all, it's not like Liberal Central Command is filling my inbox with offers of fame, fortune or even an occasional freelance gig:


n1ck said...

Jeb(!): "Why have I not yet been appointed Lord Protector"?

trgahan said...

They say some dynasties die with more of a whimper than a a century old political power family dies by the sword of a failed businessman turned reality TV star.

Paul Wartenberg said...

trying to compare Trump to Obama is the crazed act of a doomed man. It is so obvious in false equivalence, so blatant an attempt to scare away the GOP voting base that is clearly anti-Obama AND already pro-Trump in a way no "Establishment" candidate like Jeb* can comprehend.