Thursday, December 24, 2015

Chris Matthews: International Man of Expediency

Combining every unpleasant trait of a belligerent Irish drunk except the actual drinking, Matthews explains here that the media just has to cover Trump 24/7 (including his ghastly one-hour Trump infomercial) because everyone else on Earth is boring and creepy.

On the one hand, since his whole schtick is asking "questions" of hapless panelists and then bulldozing and bombasting right over their answers until they find a way to squeeze in a craven affirmation of his rightness, Matthews wouldn't recognize a decent interview if it tingled it's way up his leg and bit him on the ass.

On the other hand, his style is perfectly tailored to MSNBC's new business model of aggressively alienating as many Liberals viewers as possible, so I cannot imagine this will change any time soon,


keith gargus said...

Village pundits are the most annoying know-nothings on earth. Matthews is exponentially worse. One, because he is an archetypal villager, and two, because he is Cris Matthews.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Drifty, I regret to inform you that you have somehow obtained an inaccurate picture of Mr. Matthews.

Please allow me to provide you an accurate picture.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

When East meets West, customs can get garbled a bit.

I guess no one told Hong Mei-Ling that Santa waits until the fire goes out! :o

Meri Kurisamasu! ^_^

bowtiejack said...

"Combining every unpleasant trait of a belligerent Irish drunk . . ."


Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Despite all my reservations about La Clinton, I think she would lock down my vote if she actually said THIS.

WARNING--VERY NSFW! (He's not called "The Rude Pundit" for nothing.)

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Now to turn 180 degrees from re-posting The Rude Dude:

The Story of the Other Wise Man, by Henry Van Dyke. A Christmas classic from 1985.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

*sigh* 1895.

I can haz edit feechur, plz? :P

Merry Christmas!

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Mei-Ling got it right this time.

Meri Kurisamasu! ^_^

SamB said...

I worry that we may not be correct about who supports Donald Trump. Digby, in, writes that Trump’s followers “… are non-college educated blue collar workers for the most part.” Do we have polling data to substantiate this? I ask because the people I see here in South Carolina supporting Trump are educated. Similarly, Bernie Sanders says that Trump’s appeal is to people who are working harder without much increase in standard of living. Those are the people who Bernie wants to reach, but they are not the Trump supporters that you saw in the CNN coverage of Trump’s speech in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. The notion that the Trumpies are louts is being pushed by columnists and commentators whose livelihoods depend on putting a patina of respectability on conservatism. We should not take their claims at face value.

(I posted this in a comment on DailyKos. I post it here in recognition that Driftglass has greatly enhanced my understanding of the media.)

Don P said...

Honest question: How much of the Msnbc/CNN Trumpgasm, in particular Tweety's own Hardball, is simply because it's mail-it-in television at it's finest/worst. Mathews comes on, intros Fuckface Von Clownstick ("Tonight from Grand Rapids, er Tuscaloosa, er Gainsville"). Hand it off to Mr. Short Time, Chris Hayes, at 8 P.M., go home and cash the check.

niner said...

Tweety Bird at least used to be tolerable, but this last year, he has become a real asshole talking over any and everyone to get more of his ridiculous questions in so that he can talk more. Now MSNBC has him as the lead person on political events and Matthew's has taken this opportunity to go crazy. This deal on Trump about takes the cake and Matthew's has always been one to try and make a race out of a non race. We need to look up how far off his predictions for President have been. He is becoming the new Clown on cable TV.

Robt said...

As no American citizen could compete in the labor market price with all the poorest countries in the world. Our corporate controlled media has been producing their foundation of controlled information. They learned that if they are to utilize corruption to profit (buying legislation for one) they are going to require media diversions and oppositions. Let the profits flow and tax payer funded at that.
Our media has hyped out so much. You are either for us or against us. Your pro life or pro abortion.
So many political media attacks aimed at abortion alone. "I have never met any woman that told me on Friday that she was going out to party and get pregnant so that she can have an abortion", never!
The blame for abortion directs its aim at Liberals, Democrats, Socialists, Feminists, uneducated, the poor, Secularism.
Never have I witnessed any media ask the demagoguing zealot, "why do you ignore prostitution?"

Conservatives especially. Who make claim to being moral and the closest to Godliness.
I submit; Nevada and state rights with conservative Bible walk....
There have been numerous republican governors of Nevada. Not one that I am aware of has EVER suggested the evil sins of house of ill repute that exist legally in their state. I am pretty sure it is connected with the legalized gambling there as well. For Mormons sake, one cat house came out in the media and "openly and proudly endorsed Mitt Romney for President".
The Mormon church-"silent", Pat Robertson-the Doson on the Family-Ralph Reed-
the entire Christian right. "SILENT". As was all the media (right and left or inbetween).
Have you ever heard the Christian right from politician to clergy condemn this Nevada Gambling and prostitution?
GOP controlled states are using big government and not always legitimately to obliterate Planned Parenthood as if they are the "ONLY" abortionists.
* "Where are the religious rights organization condemning movement to erase this blighting sin " ?
Sure, Nevada has state rights. Bush did not think Oregon had those rights with it's measured end of life law. The state I live in has a Governor that sues to make the big bad Government get out of his state. While at the same time he sues the same time he sues that same Big Bad Govt. to make Colorado stop its legalization of Pot. Funded with All suits funded with tax dollars mind you.
Pot is a slip-N-slide they say. But Gambling and the prostitution entertainment with it has no slide? They haven't heard of KY jelly?
Why is it the religious right are silent on Viagra ads on TV, or the (so called) dating sites also advertised on the TV? Their operations in their states? Have they ever made the case that Abortion is the cause of Prostitution or all the other "sins and ills" in life?
Media will allow all the moral zealot posturing smack in front of it's viewers noses. But it is a fact, prostitution in Nevada is directly connected in the entertainment draw of the state. Less you forget, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Not just talking about your money.

I ranted a long way around the media being part of the very same entertainment industries as tourism, Gambling, Prostitution.
As Romney never once blinked at the Cathouse in Nevada on TV announcing full endorsement of him, Not one religious leader or follower came forth to comment. Unlike as they did with John Kerry over abortion (denying Kerry communion if you recall. Because Kerry answered in reply, "I may be Catholic but it is not the job as president to impose my religion on the people".
None of this is in defense of Kerry or Romney. This is directed at the Media.
How loud was the media over Kerry and his statement vs how silent over Romney's blessed Cathouse endorsement?
No, this horse is groomed to death, not beaten to it.