Monday, November 09, 2015

The Baby Hitler Chronicles

From The Professional Left, three years ago:

From The Blaze today:
‘Hell, Yeah’: Jeb Bush Says He Would Kill a Baby Hitler if Given the Chance

The Professional Left:  Always between three and thirty-three years ahead of everybody.


aguy said...

Okay. Im done; I was debating the parallels of the two clips ( you can take the girl out of the northern midwest you will ever take that sound out of her voice, just sayin, still very entertaining) When i got hot of course with the real point. There i a presidential canditate who can time travel and won't. NO I'm being told that's not it. He will only kill babais. Nope wrong again Well if you are all so smart what does this mean? No abortion for you... Evah. wWe might send Seal team 6 to one of your kids birthday parties tho', depends on the probes and what's his name, Einstein.
Einstein ? Like the Dog in the movie?

Paul Wartenberg said...

the problem with Jeb? going all in on the "Let's Kill Baby Hitler" is that his over-eagerness about killing any baby even one that would grow up to be a monster is at odds with the overall absolutist values the pro-fetus crowd have about "pro-life".

Robt said...

The GOP candidates and their Wrong Wing media cannot actually cause me to cuss seeing how I am already proficient but use that vocabulary asset in a controlled assault environment.
So when Mr. Fix it AKA JEB! makes the statement of , going back in time and killing Hitler as a baby.
It doesn't cause me to into the dictionary of foul words.
But it does cause the reaction of this Agnostic leaning atheist to blurt out,
" Oh my God "
If Mr. Fix it could go back in time, why couldn't he alter Baby Hitler's environment? Get him to a convent and let the Penguin beat him. Reminds me of the Minn, dentist that just has to be the trophy hunter.

So fine, Mr. Fix it ...While were at it,

*Would You Jeb! (our whomever you are today) willingly accept mouth to mouth resuscitation from a gay man who just finished having sex? To save your life?

Mr. Fix It, If you could go back in time to address the birth of Hitler. You say you would SHOOT baby Hitler. Would you go back further and provide prophylactics, Day after pill or birth control pills to his mother?

I seems Randi Rhodes has always been right about conservatives.
They say they love the fetus but they seem to hate the child.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

This is the worst WWII fan fiction I've seen since Goku saved Anne Frank from Super Saiyan Hitler...

Be seeing you.

Kevin Holsinger said...

While I'm at it, here's a link to the story...

I'd recommend reading this to Ms. Gal when the two are you are about to go to sleep...that or the much less wrong and much funnier "Halflife: Fulllife Consequences" series...

If she doesn't divorce you, she'll love it.

Pagan in repose said...

Master Glass,

You know damn well that if Jeb! and the rest could travel back in time they wouldn't kill baby Hitler, they would kill baby FDR. Not to mention there wouldn't be any Bush money for the Bush boys to inherit if Jeb! kills old Prescot Bush's money machine.

The Bush's loves their Hitler ATM.

jim said...

Kremlinology 101: America is doing way too well for any of these troglodytes to have a hope in hell of winning anything beyond more rubes in their respective fan-clubs, & Bob knows their actual policy plans are the stuff meat dreams are made of - so look for plenty more abstruse BS like this unless something goes seriously FUBAR in the US of A before the primaries.

Next: Trunp disputes Bush's "50 angels per pinhead" theory, says there's room for at least twice that many, film at eleven!