Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It Is Oddly Refreshing

That MSNBC's Squint and the Meat Puppet Rest Home for Aging Beltway Eunuchs and Strippers is no longer even pretending to be anything other than a war-mongering, Obama-bashing, Hillary-slandering Fox-lite hysteria factory.

Keep Knowing Your Value, Meat Puppet!


tony in san diego said...

That's how Republicans like their ladies, blonde, showing a lot of leg, and gazing adoringly.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Eeeeuuww...I wouldn't **** that with Squint's needle-pecker. :P

Robt said...

As a so called potential (consumer) viewer in the networks boardroom.
They miscalculated my interest in watching a short term ex congressman who left in a cloud of suspicion and nepotistic welfare of providing a paycheck and forum for the elite children who once were.
I got an idea,
How about a show with David Vitter and Liz Cheney?

It is what the audience is clamouring for! Think a show like this is concerning, you should see their audience.

Kathleen O'Neill said...

A reality show called "Diapers and Daddy's Girl". Followed by, "Who Wants To Torture My Dad" hosted by Donald Trump. Feel the magic.

Jerry B said...

I'm amused by all the people on twitter bitching about those two. I tell them to quit bitching and just stop watching but day after day it's the same thing.