Wednesday, October 07, 2015

What He Says

(h/t Karoli at Crooks & Liars)

What he means:

With his spacey, late-career-Michael-Jackson speaking style and noggin full of Alex Jones crazy, Ben Carson is a perfect, Fox-friendly wingnut cipher.

Trump without the Trump.


Robt said...

Rupert, baby

I is not a black president you can remote control from home that you need to resolve the racial divide, you see in the country.

Because you know, "Stuff Happens"
Like your media empire has already declared racism is over. You just demand "those Blacks" accept their positions you have assigned them.
But, Stuff happens" and sometimes taking action on it can make it worse.
Ask JEB!

Jerry B said...

Rupert just told us that Carson is "one of the good ones".

Monte Davis said...

Does this mean that

(1) Murdoch does his own tweets -- wow, he really takes social media seriously!


(2) Murdoch values social media so little that he delegates to a brain-dead, tin-eared employee (who is now pursuing other interests)

waldo said...

Rupert 'the dirty digger' Murdoch is the most corrupt, sleazy, reptilian sociopath that ever existed. He's caused more harm to the world's society than it would seem possible for one man to achieve.
If God existed, Murdoch wouldn't; if there was a reason for hell to exist, it would be to accommodate him.

Don P said...

@Monte Davis -- from what I've seen over the last couple of years, yes that is really Rupert. He's tweeted out some stuff that isn't just usual RWNJ stuff, it's stuff that reeks of dimensia/lack of awareness. You can't bitch about climate change when you own Fox News, Rupe!

Unknown said...

Holy shit. I can't. Believe. He said that.

I've long maintained that the base reason Murdoch and his ilk hate Obama so much isn't really because he's black (although they surely -do- hate him for that), it's because he's white.

It's always projection with these fuckers.