Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Loyalty of Hungry Dogs

(Libertarian-for-hire and Nick-Gillespie-fashion-stunt-double, Liz Mair)
Why don't we cut you up into little pieces and feed you to your pooches, hmm? And then we'll see just how loyal a hungry dog really is.

-- The Joker, The Dark Knight

From CNN:
Ex-Scott Walker aide unloads on campaign in Twitter storm

Washington (CNN)-- A former Scott Walker aide offered her take on what went wrong with his campaign, minutes after it was reported that he was dropping out of the 2016 Republican race.

Liz Mair is a digital media strategist who was forced out of Walker's campaign the day after it announced her hiring because of her tweets blasting Iowa's role in the nominating process. On Monday, she offered a long list of Walker's mistakes via Twitter.

Among those listed in her series of tweets: "Misunderstanding the GOP base, its priorities and stances. Pandering. Flip-flopping. Hiring staff who did not know him well and did not understand his record or his reputation across all segments in Wisconsin. Allowing certain staff (ahem) to marginalize and cut off people in Walker's orbit who had got him to the governorship and kept him there."
Like most in her profession who dance back and forth between paid teevee pundit and hired gun, Ms. Mair is 100% loyal to her next paycheck and is more attuned to shifts in the wind than the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


DeistPaladin said...

Machiavelli had a lot to say about hired mercenaries and how worthless they are (see also our installed government in Iraq). I'm going to paraphrase since I'm working from memory:
"They are bold before friends, cowardly before enemies. In peace they rob you and in war they desert you. A ruler who relies on mercenaries will find security only so long as conflict is avoided."

LACoincidental said...

Well, Liz Mair is a political whore her wares on sale to the highest right wing bidder. And to paraphrase the Chris Brown song "Political Whores Ain't Loyal". So, no surprise that Mair threw her boss under the proverbial bus and backed several times on his campaign's corpse via Twitter as his political stock goes down faster than Volkswagen.

Also, can someone explain to me what's with the Libertarian hipsters showing up in leather jackets on TV? Was the Fonz secretly a secret disciple of Ayn Rand?!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

It may also be a function of Hot Ham Walker being a leader who inspires absolutely no loyalty; he has a track record of letting subordinates go to the House Of Many Doors on his behalf....

Robt said...

With Walker out, who shall I turn to?
Who else will decipher the GOP code and broadcast to Americans in the clear that only he will destroy the rights of American labor.
Every other GOP candidate disguises it. Camouflages it.
I want a real American GOP'er that will stand up and boldly state that "HE" will set me free from the labor rights I still have. That was handed down to me from those who fought and died so hard for.
That I too can be owned by my employer.
Why have I been forsaken?

New_Damage said...

"Pope Francis will be lucky not to be repeatedly asked about Trump's favorite Bible verse during his visit here."

My guess is that it will not be Mark 10:25.

DrBB said...

I will say in Liz Mair's favor that the typeface she uses for her homepage banner, and the highly recognizable lightning-bolt it embraces, leaves little doubt about where she's coming from politically. Why dog whistle when you can use a klaxon?