Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

The Beltway Gasbag Cavalcade in one picture:

"If you want a vision of the future of news, imagine a Beltway loafer stamping on real news - forever."

There was one bright spot.

But one bright spot is not enough.

Not nearly enough.


Kathleen O'Neill said...

I wonder how long the GOP/Corporate Media Overlords will tolerate breathless Trump Fanbois oooh-ing and aahhhing over his magical dominance of the electorate (because "both sides" are angry at "the government", which I actually heard Toddlers say this morning).

Can The Village serve two masters?

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

I suppose it's always possible that this scandal will finally be the one which sinks La Clinton.

However, the Wile E. Conservatives have been jerry-rigging contraption after contraption for nearly three decades now to destroy Bill and Hillary Roadrunner, and I have not yet seen one of them work properly. Maybe if the Wile E.s would quit buying the parts from ACME... ;)

Why would this e-mail foofaraw succeed where Whitewater failed, and the "murder" of Vince Foster failed, and the Great Fellatio Prevarication Impeachment and a platoon of lesser "bimbo eruptions" failed, and Benghaaaaazzziiii! (tm) failed?

The only reason La Clinton is not La Presidenta now is that, for whatever reasons, a preponderance of the big shots of the Democratic Party (by which I mean both the pols themselves and their rich backers) did not want her as Preznit. I don't know why that would be, since she has proven all too faithful both to Wall Street and the Empire, but they did not want her. Hence, they backed the only one of her opponents in 2008 who could break the otherwise ironclad Clintonian lock on the African-American vote.

BTW, I hate reCAPTCHA. :P

Unknown said...

OMG that Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier tweet. I just. I can't...

So not only is he the least self-aware individual on the planet (we knew that), but now he's explicitly rubbing everyone's nose in it. "Ha ha I get paid to be a know-nothing dolt who writes the same column (blaming Obama/Hillary for [x]) over and over while pretending (badly) to be an above the fray nonpartisan scold. Ha ha."

He's really something, that guy.