Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pettus, Schmettus!

I don't ever remember Dr. King telling his organizers, "Pettus, Schmettus! Remember, stay away from anyplace where the locals are actively working against our cause and only march randomly and in areas where people pretty much agree with us already."

Well perhaps I'm just deeply ignorant of history, because according to Black Lives Matters protester Marissa Johnson, that's exactly the plan (emphasis added):
TAMRON HALL (speaking about Bernie Sanders): After this incident he addressed this a with new sweeping policy platform, he says to combat racial inequality. He points out a number of things as to how to reinvent how police in America operate and package his criminal justice plan with ones that preserve voting rights and protect against racial violence. And he went on to list a number of other things which includes the wearing of body cameras to a number of black lives matter protesters who have also pointed out were necessary especially after Mike Brown. With that said, and a lot of people are wondering, every politician deserves to be scrutinized, whether they’re liberal or conservative, but there seems to be far more, far more politicians, let’s say, on the far right who are less than sympathetic to your cause than a Bernie Sanders. Why attack Bernie Sanders in that way? Why not meet with Bernie Sanders? Why not attempt to find a common ground with someone who seems to be more willing to support a progressive agenda as it relates to focusing in on black lives?

MARISSA JOHNSON:  Absolutely.  There’s really no point in confronting the GOP, at least I think during the primaries because GOP members will pretty much flatly tell you that they don’t care about black lives. So instead we really need to put pressure on people who claim that they care about black lives, claim that they’re closer...
It's also kind of a neat trick to use the platform MSNBC has repeatedly handed you to complain that no one will give you a platform.

Reminds me of someone but I can't...quite...remember...who...


Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Things that make you go "Hmmm..." Dept.:

It looks like the two women who confronted Sanders may not have been real BLM members.

Don P said...

Reading Mark Ames twitter timeline (@MarkAmesExiled ). I'm starting to smell a ratfuck, a Donald Segretti if you will.

Robt said...

What does history tell us of "Oath Keepers" flocking into Ferguson and patrolling the streets with automatic weapons strapped to their backs?

They have no authority (besides firepower), Have no roots to the area. Not invited or hired. Their presence only can escalate tension into hostile outcomes.

Why, why has the local and state authorities allowed this?
Why would the Governor call in the Oath Keepers and politely ask them to leave.
That if they wanted to stay, they need to check their weapons.

Amazing the police do not see this as a threat of escalation and presents a threat to their safety if temperature rise because of their actions.
I think the Oath Keepers should swing by and pick up JEB! and that (Lion killing) Dentist. Fly over to Iraq and Syria on a ISIS Safari hunting trip.
I did my time there. They could do it for the Thrill of the hunt and the trophies.

Kathleen O'Neill said...

@Don P I've been thinking the same thing. I would put nothing, nothing past Rethuglicans and their media minions.

John said...

I think that Black Lives Matter did Sanders a favor by interrupting his talks. Sanders polls like zero among African Americans. If he's to be a viable candidate, he needs to address that constituency, and the concerns raised by Black Lives Matter are probably item number one for that constituency now.

Sanders now has a far more coherent stand on these issues now that his attention has been drawn to them.