Tuesday, August 18, 2015

From Reagan Selling Them Missiles

To Bush turning their only regional counterweight into a chaotic disaster, Iranian hard-liners have never had a greater ally in the West than the Republican Party.


ELSKY said...

Too bad the audience wasn't provided with the libretto.

Jimbo said...

Selling missiles to a declared enemy of the US constitutes treason and a President authorizing this is more than enough to meet the Constitutional test of high crimes and misdemeanors. But Reagan was a Republican and the country had already forced the resignation and pending impeachment of another Republican President. So, instead the Republicans and Democrats shrugged their shoulders. Everybody got off free and not long after the GOP impeached a Democratic President for a blow job that wasn't even a crime in DC. Always the double standard.

Fritz Strand said...

Lie. Distract. Forget. Repeat.