Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Everybody Knows

One of the most highly paid hair-cuts on your Liberal teevee does not believe that anyone on Fox News has ever said anything mean about the Poors.

He is also 100% cretin certain that Barack Obama is uppity "arrogant" for suggesting that badmouthing the Poors is an actual thing that Conservatives do.

From Mediaite:
One day after President Barack Obama criticized Fox News for portraying the poor as lazy leeches during a poverty forum at Georgetown University, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough called out Obama for an “embarrassing” level arrogance and hypocrisy.

“Saying that Roger Ailes’ network calls people leeches, sponges, and lazy, at a summit that’s supposed to bring both sides together on poverty, is stunning to me,” Scarborough said.

“Have you ever heard that on Fox News?” Scarborough asked the table. “Has anybody ever heard that on Fox News?”

“I don’t really watch,” co-host Mika Brzezinski replied, as the panel agreed that such sentiments could definitely be heard on conservative talk radio if nothing else.

Scarborough went on to critique Obama for declaring himself the “sole arbiter” of right and wrong. “The arrogance of it all is staggering,” he said. “That’s such an illuminating moment in this presidency — I’m a little embarrassed for him.”
It's always bad on MSNBC these days, watching the last, flickering light of Liberalism on teevee slowly being snuffed out by the damp rag of Chuck Toddism.  But watching the video of Squint thugging it up like the drunken asshole at the end of the bar this morning?  Double-dog daring his minions to name one time -- one time! -- that anyone on Mr. Roger Ailes' Perfectly Fair Teevee Network had ever called poor people names?  Then watching  his flunkies stare extravagantly at their shoe tops and pretended they had either never heard of Roger Ailes or were in some other teevee studio entirely?

This was perfectly surreal.

And a perfect coda on the collapse of journalism in America.

For a moment, Mike Barnacle (of all people) stood up on his hind legs to weakly refute the ravings of the goon who pays for his whiskey and Hot Pockets...

...and then flopped back down and took his place with the rest of the whipped dogs Morning Joe keeps around to massage his gargantuan ego.

See, everyone on that set knows Scarborough is lying.  All of his minions know it, as does his little blonde meat puppet. Every camera and mic operator, video editor, control room monkey and pastry cart jockey knows he is lying. Everyone who has ever had to watch Fox News while waiting for an oil change knows he is lying.   In fact, there is a non-trivial chance that the first message we receive from extraterrestrials will be a short greeting followed by a demand that Fox News shut the fuck up already with the poor bashing because they're embarrassing the entire quadrant.

Whipping the crap out or the poor isn't a casual, weekend thing on Fox: it's their entire fucking business plan.  That, and calling the President of the United States and his wife a pair of uppity n*ggers at every opportunity using every word in the English language that does not quite cross that line:
Fox guest Angela McGlowan, who is black, offered up her theory on Tuesday's edition of "Fox and Friends" while criticizing Obama's "racially charged" commencement speech at Tuskegee University.

"Why didn't the first lady share that the reason she got into Princeton was probably because of affirmative action?" she said. McGlowan added that Obama probably got her job at a prestigious law firm for the same reason.
Lying about obvious Conservative racism and paranoia is now such a part of the landscape that people barely notice it anymore.  Because why bother?  I mean, everyone knows how this story ends, right?

Jon Stewart's and/or Larry Wilmore's interns will spend four minutes in the archives and cut together a montage of the last 100 times or so the Fox News tits-and-smirk patrol have dined out on beating the crap out of the poor.

Then The Daily Show and/or The Nightly Show will play this latest blow-your-hair-back lie to come stumbling out of the the beautiful mind of Joe Scarborough.

Cue the montage that shreds it like an RPG hitting a box of Kleenex.

Cue everyone trying to find a new way to look incredulous.

Cut to commercial.

Then it sinks beneath the waves, or if it picks up a little traction, Joe Scarborough will chortle his way though some mild correction in a day or two, written in the finest Both Sides Do It font MSNBC can buy.  And then it's back to business as usual.

Because you know who else knows Joe Scarborough is lying?

Joe Scarborough.

Because public lies this brazen from overpaid frauds this horrible are never about persuading anyone of anything.  They're about power.

This was about reminding everyone at MSNBC from his little blonde meat puppet to the camera and mic operators to the video editor to the control room monkeys and pastry cart jockey that they're all part of the machine.  That this is Scarborough Country, and if you want to keep drawing a paycheck in Scarborough Country you'd best shut the fuck up and get with the program.

Because everybody knows.

Reminder:  Phil Griffin pays Joe Scarborough north of $99,000 a week to run this hustle.


A week.

Dwell on that.

UPDATE:  Welcome Crooks and Liars readers!


Chan Kobun said...

Joe Deadinternborough would be much happier selling his rightist snake oil at Fux. One wonders why he doesn't just make it official, seeing as how he acts like he's on their payroll anyhow.

bowtiejack said...

"Joe Deadinternborough?"
You make it sound like he didn't resign to spend more time with his family.
What do you have against families?

Unknown said...

Morning Joke stays at MSNBC because he likes being the conservative turd in their punchbowl and the MSNBC suits seem to think it's a good idea to pay him a lot of money to spew mendacity, conventional wisdom and false equivalence that often undermines their other programming three hours a day.

I don't know what sort of collective head injury is responsible for that brilliance. Maybe a strain of the illness that Ron "severe dementia" Fournier is saddled with.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Unknown, I think the real question is, what bout of temporary sanity is responsible for them ever giving Keith Olbermann and kindly Doc Maddow the time of day? Remember, this was the network that, at the height of Iraq Attaq hysteria, shitcanned Phil Donahue's war-questioning show for "low ratings" that were higher than the ratings Tweety Matthews was pulling down for getting the same "thrill up his leg" at the sight of Commander Codpiece's flightsuit that makes tea-brains mistake him for a liberal when he directs that adulation at President Obama. This was the network that, before shitcanning Donahue, insisted that if he had a war opponent on, they had to be balanced by two war supporters, three if they were Michael Moore. (Although I suppose that last bit is only fair, since after all, Michael Moore is a big fat liberal fatty who hates America and is fat.) I'm not sure anything has really changed up in the rarefied air breathed by the suits.

Peter Janovsky said...

Wow. Unbelievable prescience on Jon Stewart. He did exactly what you predicted on Fox and the poors.

Fel said...

"Everyone who has ever had to watch Fox News while waiting for an oil change...."


Unknown said...

"what bout of temporary sanity is responsible for them ever giving Keith Olbermann and kindly Doc Maddow the time of day?"

There was a market for it at the time. That's the only reason. Once Bush left office and Obama became just a flawed politician who didn't magically cure the nation of its ills and broke or couldn't keep a bunch of his promises, the market gradually dried up. By contrast, the Fox News audience are like addicts and keep coming back for their daily dose of hate and fear, and they keep it coming regardless of who is in office.

Also, Olbermann is capable of being a compelling showman, but is clearly an insufferable prick to work with.

Unknown said...

I've abandoned MSNBC (sorry Chris and Rachel)in favor of Bloomberg as my background noise of choice. The focus is largely somewhere other than 2016 and the hosts are anodyne with the exception of the Joe Scarborough of Bloomberg, Maria- Bartiromo-wannabe Stephanie Ruhl. Here she is sucking up to Ken Langone, although you can catch her at Davos or with Jamie Dimon just as easily.

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