Saturday, November 22, 2014

You Know That Thing Where You Put a Conservative Lunatic on Teevee

And then get all amazed and incredulous when they act like a Conservative Lunatic?

How about we stop doing that? 

Because for fuck's sake, how many more times are supposedly smart Liberals going to let themselves get head-faked by yet another Conservative troll into chasing them down yet another Conservative rat hole stuttering "but..but...but..." because they inexplicably refuse to grasp the Most Basic Conservative Tactic of All:


Grant G said...

Saying ronald Regan and immigration in the same sentence was a tad difficult for Senator knuckledragger, verbiage bounce syndrome.

You say Regan he say Clinton.


JerryB said...

I've stopped watching most of cable news including Up and All In in large part because of that very thing. We know what bat shit crazy stuff they are going to say. Giving them a platform to say it is a waste of air time and my time. So I just don't participate any more.

I'm much happier now.

mellowjohn said...

where were Larry and Curly?

Dan said...

All Jazeera has proven very watchable but that's because they're pretty calm and fact based

Gene Oberto said...

How is it that illegal aliens are to blame for Americans losing jobs but corporations shipping American jobs overseas for the last 30 years is not?