Saturday, November 01, 2014

Dawn Breaks Over Littleton Colorado

And federal prisoner number 40892-424 heads to the common room to check out what's new in the world, especially that part of the world which focuses on his former profession of electoral politics:
Poll: GOP's Michael Grimm Leads By A Whopping 19 Points

Rep. Michael Grimm appears to be his way to a landslide reelection victory on Tuesday, at least if a new Siena College poll is any indication.

The Staten Island Republican leads Democrat Domenic Recchia by a 19 points among likely voters in the district, a shocking result considering that forecasters expected the race to be very close.

Grimm's lead defies the troubled year he has had. In January he threatened to break a New York reporter in half and throw him off a balcony. In April he was indicted by the federal government on fraud charges.
Before getting on with his job as a "shusher" in the prison library, federal prisoner number 40892-424 looks out of the window of the common room and considers

how fucking hilarious life can be sometimes.


Horace Boothroyd III said...

Staten Island is weird: in New York City but not of New York City.

Still, break a reporter in half and throw him off the balcony? Noo Yawk swagger is legendary, look at how many Texans come up to score only to crawl home missing a testicle or two, but that's a bit butch.

steeve said...

Ever notice how many politicians have short, simple names? I'll swear that's where 20% of the votes of "Grimm" over "Recchia" are coming from.

The voters really are that stupid. Having nothing else to go on, they vote on the letters they see on the page.

I'm that dumb too - I go into the booth with only one thing to go on. But that thing, party affiliation, happens to be the most important thing in any election until the insane party is permanently destroyed.

Heywood J. said...

This race is a great example of how Democratic candidates take winnable campaigns and consistently find ways to screw them up.

Between being a bit too cozy with an unpopular Coney Island developer, and coming across like a Coney Island whitefish in interviews and debates, Domenic Recchia has handed this one over to Grimm.

dinthebeast said...

Is Littleton, Colorado near "Fucking Golden"?

-Doug in Oakland

Redhand said...

Idiot voters electing criminals to office is a hallowed American tradition: on both sides of the aisle. One can only hope the the indictment and later trial fry this thug's ass.

But you never know. What the hell is keeping the NJ U.S. attorney from indicting Christie's corrupt ass? Bond fraud in the Pulaski Skyway renovation should be a no-brainer, IMO.