Friday, October 03, 2014

What Thers Said

People want (a) jobs, and (b) no wars.

David Brooks wants a phony-baloney job, which entails bullshitting so that working people get (a) robbed, and (b) wars.
More on this story after the smoke from 10,000 people tweeting "David Brooks is Brilliant" and linking to his latest awfulness clears.


Robt said...

I contend that that is not a cloud of smoke emanating from the toilet area, but a cloud of methane gas.
Someone open a window and get the scented spray.

Not sure if air purifyers will work.

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed Whiskey Fire's eloquent moment.

I would add: Fucknut is one Mr. Brooks all the day long.

I hope he gets that job nursing the TB, Ebola victims until time and space no longer exists.

Anonymous said...

From anon @3:11

I forgot to refer to the nursing comment as coming from the Whiskey Fire comments section, please refer to commenter JohnR.

Brooks is still a fucking Fucknut.