Thursday, August 07, 2014

Rand Paul Running Away From Things, Ctd.

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Robt said...

If I were a loyal Democratic voter, Shouldn't I be talking up Rand Paul Gump?
Wouldn't I desire a democratic candidate to match up against a "Give-Me- Tarian" who hides within the Republican Party that has little ideological similarities?
I have sent out many satellites to explore the Libertarian policies and projected out comes.
Every libertarian planet my exploring satellite has come across has analyzed as inhabitable for carbon based humanoid life.

Is the media raising a buffoon candidate ?

DeistPaladin said...

I'm not a libertarian but I know the ideology well enough to know that Rand Paul isn't one either (you might agree).
Libertarianism should be a call for a minimalist government (one that of course subsidizes the property rights of the rich but screw everyone else). This should mean a liberal approach to social issues like gay rights, abortion and Church/State.
Rand Paul is a social conservative who's only "libertarian" when libertarianism agrees with conservatism. He's anti-choice, anti-gay (on the state level) and pro-Evangelical.
That makes him a authoritarian conservative.
...and in other rebranding news, the so-called "Tea Party" has no fucking clue what the Constitution says or the Founding Fathers stood for. As an 18th-Century-phile, if you couldn't tell by my moniker, this really irks me.