Sunday, August 17, 2014

I Keep Forgetting That Every Single Fucking Thing Is Always About Obama and Drones

Thank god David Sirota:

 is always on-hand to remind us.


D. said...

We're expected to believe that David Sirota would be concerned about "civ libs" and drone bombing civilians if Bush were still prez.

I would expect the president to at least be concerned about Americans. You know? Those civilians living in Ferguson?

Anonymous said...

During the Obama years we've seen a lot of ugliness rise to the surface with guys like David Sirota and Cornel West. I wonder what they'll do after 2016?


Kathleen said...

I wish the Powers Of The Media Universe (Godwald) would PUH-LEEEEEZE give Shrillrota a gig at the Intercept. That would guarantee Shrillrota would not have to publish anything ever again. He could spend his days waxing Glenn's car.

Robt said...

There is no way anyone of sound mind could defend collateral damage of drone strikes on civilians.

Yet, with a small wimpier of opposition to Israeli attacks into GAza's general public has been so justified by Israeli's because their opposition hides among the civilians as a shield. Not that Israel's roockets do not come from their military bases amidst the civilian properties..

Without a doubt, drones have provided less risk vs on the ground troops to react to aggressive acts and targets. Not to mention piloted air strikes.

Collateral damage was accepted with Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The carpet bombing of Germany's cities with civilians. Yes civilians working in factoies producing war products. Not like Americans would have done anything like that for the war effort.

Drones are here to stay and be enhanced and improved.

It is down right concerning because we have all seen the toys Ferguson police received to militarize their forces. Against the citizens.

I do not know how to change the mindsets of those who only see the use of war technologies through the eyes of fear.

-----DO you?

Horace Boothroyd III said...


Well, the Daily Kos gang of credulous simpletons is already pairing photographs of HI-llary with HI-tler so there's that. These incisive analyses don't write themselves, and whichever bloodthirsty corporatist overlord gets "elected" to the WHITE House is going to require a great many lashings of the tongue from the Pure and Righteous who walk the Earth.

dinthebeast said...

Waxing the car, is that what the kids are calling it these days?

-Doug in Oakland

Monster from the Id said...

"Bloodthirsty corporatist overlords"?

Well, certainly corporatists.

But "overlords"? No, they are simply the highest-ranking servants of the true overlords, the "1%er" capitalists, or to use the classic term which I prefer, the Malefactors Of Great Wealth.

Capital is Emperor Palpatine; Uncle Sam is merely Darth Vader.

As for "bloodthirsty", I think not. They merely do not care how many innocent 3rd Worlders must die screaming to protect the inalienable right of Capital to plunder the world. I doubt that our imperialists are, by and large, bloodthirsty sadists; rather, I suspect the majority of them are merely soulless automatons, like Eichmann.

milegrinder said...

Let's sit back for a second and think about a world in which there was no Obama. Let's think about a reality in which the last six years had us all living under a successor republican regime. Does anyone honestly believe McCain and/or Romney wouldn't have been cratering the Muslim world every day of the week ending in a -y? Does anybody believe we wouldn't have seen videos of VP WasillaDerp with her hand on a drone joystick, perhaps with Trig, or Twig, or Sprig in her lap, being all precocious? And does anyone believe for one fucking nanosecond that purulent skin flaps like Sirota wouldn't have been screaming TRAITOR at any American who protested such a strategy? Sirota and everyone like him can die from cancer of the dick, small end first. This asshole is no clean-hands messenger.

Kathleen said...


I almost added that question to my comment. Glad you beat me to it. They will be happy when a Republican white male is elected president, but will have to scramble to establish a new target. I guess they can milk the Obama Derangement Syndrome for awhile ("if Obama hadn't..." or "if Obama had only..."). Perhaps Mr. Glass can have a "Name The Next Dudebro Demon" contest. Or we commenters could start our own betting pool.

@Doug in Oakland

Hmmm. I think they might say, "washing the car".

Monster from the Id said...

RE: Milegrinder's 3:26 PM comment.

I do not claim to be an expert on Sirota's columns, but I do not recall his ever leading cheers for the Empire and its wars, or for other right-wing causes.

Anonymous said...

This place gets stupider and stupider by the hour. Good luck Arendt deniers.

Pinkamena said...

Anon up there is a real man or woman of letters, or seems. Authentic nutso gibberish typical of pants-pissing anonycowards.