Thursday, July 31, 2014

Today In "Both Sides Do It": Chucknado Two -- When Terrible Analogies Attack

Chucknado has a fevah!

And the only prescription!

Is more Centrism!
Same as It Ever Was: Both Parties Fighting Old Battles
So it’s just not the legislative process in Washington that is stuck; it’s the issue terrain, too. Democrats and Republicans are simply fighting the same battles, the ads and campaign messages are almost identical. What’s most depressing: There aren’t any NEW ideas, just rehashed talking points. It all brings to mind the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812 -- soldiers were fighting and dying, even though the war had already ended (the news simply hadn’t traveled to them yet). The Obama wars are coming to an end (and may have ended for the public), but the candidates on the 2014 trail have decided to continue to the fight.
It has long been self-evidently true that it is beyond Chucknado's abilities or interests as a "journalist" to discuss the "merits" and "validity" of any of these "issues" which bore Chuckles to tears but which Both!Sides! keep carping about for some reason.

Because, one may speculate, fidelity to truth or facts or merits or the rules of basic, high school journalism are not mile markers on the Golden Path that will land Todd in the Big Sunday Chair at NBC.

But separate and apart from being a terrible journalist, I had never really never take the time to appreciate what a terrible analogist Chucknado! is as well.  Sure "It all brings to mind the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812..." is too linearly idiotic -- too blunt-force stupid -- to be qualify as transcendentally Friedmanesque awful (yet!) but unlike so many other Beltway tools, at least the kid is taking the trouble to study the game films 

and put in his time in the batting cage.

We now join Kirk Douglas' TED Talk on why Liberals are never, ever allowed on Beltway teevee already in progress...


Robt said...

In my Sci-fi ending to the Chucknado Pt III. The threat continues even though prays from the temple are loud and massive in count.
It is the Bat,am that goes to the Gothic mental city high security mental hospital. Talks Mr. Freeze into returning to his science and developing a way to freeze Tornadoes. Even Shark and Chucknadoes.
Freezing the whirlwind of cyclones becomes a reality and people realize that John Oliver has already taken over the Sunday relic of Meet the Press.
Meet The Press may now be seen with host Chuck TOAD at your local antique store or maybe a lucky junk collector may find it at a near by Good Will store.

It is too late for Meet the Press to launch missiles to save the Earth. By my calculations, the meteor has breached the point of action some time ago.

Wayne Dickson said...

Regardless of when they were set (past, present, or future), Kubrick's films always reveal enduring fundamental truths about human nature and human society that we desperately want to avoid confronting. Paths is a film that really ought to be "rediscovered" and smashed in our "pundit" and politician warmongers' faces.