Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Incredible Shrinking Columnist

In actuality, I'm 99% sure there is no deeper meaning to be found here.  I'm 99% sure this is just a New York Times software glitch, which someone down in the web development department is even now unhurriedly working to rectify.

Nonetheless there is something inherently amusing about the fact that while he has been away on vacation again, the NYT has somehow managed to decapitate David Brooks' archive -- and only Mr. Brooks' archives -- and has, for the moment, lost the last five months of flapdoodle by one of Conservatism's most celebrated revisionists:

And there is something downright hilarious about the fact that no one but me seems to have noticed.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

At least they didn't replace his columns with sports coverage.

Jason Salvo said...

Sent their tech team an email asking for clarification. I don't expect a response.

Jason Salvo said...

As of this writing - his articles from the past 6 months have made their way onto the NYT site.