Friday, July 18, 2014

Professional Left Podcast #241


"Hey 'Gerry', here's my question: 'How the hell could you pardon Nixon?'"

-- Red Forman, That 70s Show


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jim said...

Re: "Poor poor atheists" ... I'd be classed as an atheist liberal, but the reality is that I'm just bound & determined to keep being as "Anti-ism" as all hell. A common rejoinder is that this is nothing more than a cheap cop-out, yet even in the age of cop-out-as-Zeitgeist it remains mysteriously obscure & unpopular as an individual perspective.

Where it goes:

Everyone else focusing on the loud & zany catfight of political opposition while I'm looking at the very quiet unanimity that's now finalizing two enormous global-scale secret trade deals.

Fred said...

Let's not forget that in addition to Gene Wilder singing "Puttin' on the Ritz" is the late, great Peter "I bet he's got a great big schvine schteker*." Boyle as The Monster.

*Is that how you spell "schvine schteker"?

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Is the Bible Bitch thunderous intro gone? Could’ve sworn it wasn’t there in the last episode featuring BiBi either.

You know, there ARE other sounds often associated with religion, if you’re trying to avoid triggering automobile accidents with the thunderclap (which I thought was just fine). Harps, pipe organs, choirs (Haa-le-lu-jah!) got options is all I’m saying.

On a different subject, you didn’t know Farscape? *sigh* All right, the formula:

1. Take Star Trek: Voyager (crew of a spaceship trying to get home)
2. Remove an IQ point or two
3. Add action, drama, humor, made-up profanity, and sex
4. Make Star Trek’s Federation the villains
6. Have Jim Henson’s Creature Shop make animatronic puppets for some of the aliens.

Favorite TV show ever.

Enjoy your weekend.

Kevin Holsinger

JerryB said...

I remember that episode. Surprisingly, there was a lot that show got right about being a teenager in the mid to late 70s.

It's Scwanschtucker. I think.