Friday, June 20, 2014

When Words Fail

Laughter abides.

From Andrew Sullivan, the gay, Catholic, immigrant True Conservative public intellectual who was something like 30 years late to the "Hey, has anyone noticed that American Conservatism is fucked in the head?" party, and so far as I can ascertain has never acknowledged The Liberals were ever right about anything despite spending the last few years learning to mimic the Liberal canon and pass it off as cutting-edge Conservative epiphany:
Breaking: Ted Olson Created The Conservative Case For Gay Marriage

JUN 19 2014 @ 12:36PM

That’s what the super-rich super-lawyer – who, unlike all the countless previous lawyers in the marriage equality movement, did not work pro bono – tells the world in his new book. Nathaniel Frank reviews it:
Olson and Boies seem to think they were the first to cast same-sex marriage as a conservative issue and to conduct bipartisan outreach, an idea that rightly made Andrew Sullivan apoplectic, given his pioneering 1989 New Republic cover story, “Here Comes the Groom: A (Conservative) Case for Gay Marriage.”...
The arguments we honed in the 1990s were designed to be used by others, to spread as memes. And there is nothing more rewarding in a civil rights movement than hearing others make arguments and even rhetoric that you helped pioneer. We were delighted to have Olson on our side. But when a straight man barges into the movement at the very last minute and actually claims he came up with these arguments all by himself and that there had been no conservative outreach before him, you can see why it smarts a little...
I'll bet is does smart, Andrew
I'll bet it stings like a bitch.


Cirze said...


Tears running down face.

Good one.


I'd like to say how disappointed I was in David Boies (Ted Olson's wife substitute since 9/11?), someone I used to respect and the lawyer who soundly beat Bill Gates in the lawsuit against MS before our guys threw in the towel.

I saw them smirking through one of the late night laugh-riot snooze shows and thought does everyone eventually become a caricature of themselves on TV if they stay on public view long enough?

I could hardly tell them apart.

Robt said...

As the saying foes,
Numbers do not lie, but when a liar uses numbers?

I do not think words fail.
Words convey thought.
Some thoughts are failure in conception and will fail in it's conveyance into words.

Then there comes the reader who interprets those words.
Which is a entire different process.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

It's almost like... nobody cares what Andrew thinks. Especially not anybody on his own side. He's a regular inverse Cassandra, always wrong yet never respected.