Thursday, June 05, 2014

Today In "I Told You So", Ctd.

Dan Rather, Keith Olbermann, Alec Baldwin, Phil Donahue, Dylan Ratigan and Martin Bashir walk into a bar...

Let us go now, hand-in-hand, to that Land Before Memory and Consequence where I will remind you of a thing that happened six months ago:
Fresh from eating a giant bag of salted NSA penises in front of a national audience, you may be wondering what fresh hell the Tiffany Network might have up its sleeve to out-Herod that Herod.

Well, since you asked, remember that lady who used The House that Cronkite Built to fake up a Giant Scary Benghazi Story (and thereby tossed a few thousand pounds of jellied gasoline onto the dying embers of the wingnut's current favorite Kenyan Usurper fairy tale)?

The one who certain Liberal wags cynically predicted would probably be forced to sit in the naughty corner no longer than the industry-standard 30 days (or 'doing a full Halperin' as it is known in thrice-cursed the Language of the Damned)?

From Politico, November 26, 2013:
One month after "60 Minutes" aired a controversial and now-retracted story about the events of the 2012 attack on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi, it seems as though the final shoe has dropped on the beleaguered network. Correspondent Lara Logan and producer Max McClellan are taking a leave of absence from the network, "60 Minutes" Executive Producer and CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager announced in a memo to staff on Tuesday.
Yeah, that lady.

Care to guess what happened to that lady?
Well, from time to time for for the good of my patchwork soul. even an egomaniac like me should be man enough to admit when he's wrong, and boy howdy, was I ever wrong.

Ms. Logan was not slapped on the wrist with a one month suspension.

She was slapped on the wrist with a six month suspension. (h/t Brother Charles Pierce):
CBS News’ Lara Logan back at work

NEW YORK — CBS News’ Lara Logan is back to work at “60 Minutes” more than six months after being ordered to take a leave of absence for her role in a disputed story on the deadly 2012 raid at the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya.

CBS News spokeswoman Sonya McNair said Wednesday that Logan has returned. She had no details on when the correspondent resumed work and what type of stories she is working on. Logan did not immediately return a telephone message for comment.

Her October report on the CBS newsmagazine was quickly criticized and became the subject of an internal CBS investigation. The story relied on the testimony by Dylan Davies, a security contractor who said he was at the scene of the raid that since then has become a key Republican criticism of the Obama administration. But his story fell apart and it turned out there was no evidence he was there, and CBS issued a correction.

Never doubt for a minute there is a club.

Never doubt for a minute that you will never be in it.


Kahtleen said...

The good news is it appears there is an "All About Eve" aspect to this story. One article I read indicates a new Golden Girl is waiting in the wings. (I read that in a New Yorker article)

Tengrain said...

You left out Dan Rather.



Chris said...

George Carlin used to have a joke about " the big fuckin club" and how "you ain't fuckin in it." Sorry DG. Maybe in another life.

Jason Salvo said...

But... BOTH SIDES!!!

Monster from the Id said...

"Both"? Who said there are only two sides?

Fred said...


Anonymous said...

The “Journalism Club” is now being run by the Billionaires Club in the form of their corporate fronts that now own all of the broadcast media. It continues to be all about the money. As long as keeping people ignorant and fighting among themselves remains a successful tactic to stealing money, as long as denying climate change continues to be profitable, and as long as the people doing the work of spreading the lies that remain profitable to the ‘Club’, they will always be allowed back in club even after they’re caught neck deep lying, cheating or whatever else is required to propel the propaganda.

The Grifters Club is also a wholly owned subsidiary of the Billionaires Club. And they will continue to beat us with that bag of oranges until no one on the planet can shit right, including the planet itself.

One last thing totally off topic, but tangential to the topic of the continuing making a mountain out of a mole hill bullshit from the mainstream Journalism Club: In regards to the Bowe Bergdahl dust up and whoop-tee-do. The basic axioms in the military are; number one soldiers die, number two you always bring them home. And in the process of executing axiom two sometimes axiom one happens. How the soldier died or was wounded or captured aren’t relevant to the main axioms. So ends my two and one half cents on that.

Monster from the Id said...

[The Billionaires Club] will continue to beat us with that bag of oranges until no one on the planet can shit right, until the planet itself finally gets pissed enough to send them all the way of the mastodon.


Unfortunately, by that time, Mommie Dearest Gaia Her Bitch Goddess Self will be so enraged that she'll send us peasants off to oblivion with the lords and barons.