Thursday, March 20, 2014

Today In "There. Is. No. Tea. Party."

The Daily Beast misses a key fact:
With Incumbents To Protect, The Tea Party Is Now Playing Defense

Four years after its emergence as a political force, the Tea Party is now coping with its adolescence.

Adolescence is never easy, especially for awkward outsiders still unsure of their place in the social hierarchy. Take the Tea Party. On the one hand, it’s under attack by an openly hostile Republican establishment, which blames the uncouth party crashers for ruining what should have been a glorious 2012 electoral rout. (Never mind that Karl Rove couldn’t buy a win for his establishment pets either.) More broadly, the movement’s sputtering public approval coupled with some high-profile losses—including key failures in this month’s Texas primaries—have much of the political world asking if the conservative insurrection is already over.

At the same time, Tea Partyers have enjoyed enough success (Matt Salmon, Justin Amash, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee…) that they now have concrete territory to defend. “Whereas before you were trying to get your guy elected, now you’ve got to start protecting them,” observes Adam Brandon, executive vice president of the Tea-Party aligned FreedomWorks, which this week endorsed its first batch of incumbents for the midterms...
Which is interesting and all, except for the fact that  There. Is. No. Tea.  Party.


Anonymous said...

No, there is.

The GOP quit punching it's base and now it's base is getting elected to office. That's the problem. One of the best reasons to vote Democratic is they are at least smart enough to keep the professionals in office and the activists as far the fuck away from it as possible.

Never let a true believer have any power at all. Any party that fails to do that, and fails to crush their own fanatics isn't worthy of power.

Anonymous said...

First they ran away from the name they chose, "teabagger", now this. You would think they would take more pride in their crankiness. But, no, they have no sense of self awareness just like the other GOPers.

Pinkamena said...

Anon @ 11:19: Troll or Schmuck?

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Pinkamena: Hippie or Fanatic?

In either case, no pony for you!

Pinkamena said...


I take it you haven't been reading the last few posts. The new troll tactic is smarmy, sarcastic, Poe-like replies trying to not-so-subtly call DG and anyone who doesn't follow the Cult of Glenneth the Greater a rightwinger.

Maybe my asshole detector is set too sensitively.

Anonymous said...

I know I've said this before, but I do find "Tea Party wing of the base" useful nomenclature. On the Stupid - Crazy - Lazy triad, the tea party is the Stupid, and the Christopaths and Birchers are the Crazy. The difference is that the Stupid have purged memory, and just shout angrily at what they are told to shout at. The Crazy, however, have memory and vision. They have long term plans.

Now, I agree that this is not a new and fresh political movement. This is the ignorant and angry rabble of a mob, which is as old as Australopithecines.