Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chris Christie Mounts The "Comedy Is Not Pretty" Defense

He forgot using public resources to conduct political vendettas was illegal.

Well, not quite, but damn near.


Redhand said...

It seems to me that "Big Chicken" is in pretty deep shit, right up to his neck, when the whore lawyer's report supposedly exonerating him can only claim that Christie "doesn't recall" the conversation with Wildstein. As noted in another Republican scandal:

The oldest legal dodge in the political witness testimony game is to simply say, "I can't remember."

One of the sharpest impressions from the Watergate crimes in the 1970s was President Nixon's private advice to key aides, preserved on tape, that "You can always say you can't recall." (He became an unindicted co-conspirator and they went to jail anyway.)


Again, this is his defense from friendly paid whores. I think he is now fatally crippled as a political leader, and that he ought to go, as should his equally corrupt Lt. Gov.

But of course, a bloated tick like Christie will keep his "chelicerae" embedded in the body politic as long as he possibly can.

Jack said...

Wow. Awesome image of Christie on the bridge. Magnificent.