Friday, February 07, 2014

Why Liberal TeeVee Has Failed


Here is MSNBC's kindly Doctor Maddow (h/t CP) raining seven kinds of hell on Paul Wolfowitz. The flash was visible from orbit. The shock waves rattled windows in Peoria:

Here is MSNBC's Morning Zoo pulling out a chair once again for Bloody Bill Kristol: a charlatan and future ABC News Employee of the Month who has been every bit as hideously and unrepentantly wrong as Count Comblick von Dungbeetle, but on a wider range of subjects, and who is routinely welcomed back into the Beltway media's inner circle time after Time after New York Times.
Dear Doctor Maddow,

The calls are coming from inside your house.


Anonymous said...

How about when Wolfy made the decision to take a few million conscripts who hated Sadam, and suddenly make them unemployed, angry desperate IED manufacturing mercs for hire to any sect who wanted to kill U.S. soldiers. It took the worst idea of the the last 100 years (invading Iraq) and turned into the worst idea of all time!
....but to the broader point, what member of the criminal shrub regime has paid one iota of discomfort for the unending misery they inflicted upon the world? What green room denies them entrance?
What tough question have they faced?
A sane nation would have dragged the whole lot (including cheerleaders like Bloody Bill) before a jury of their peers.
Wingnut welfare: Accountability? Da fug you say?

Anonymous said...

Raechel Maddow as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Melikes.

--Nonny Mouse

Unknown said...

Your attempt to piss on Maddow's leg didn't even make her toe damp.
That clip of her dumping on the execrable Wolfowitz
should be required viewing for interested students.
It is a powerful example of well done, factual, editorial journalism.
It artfully and forcefully dissects the perfidy and incompetence of the neocons.

Tom Shefchik said...

Who does David Brooks have to pleasure....

I always wondered about the phrase, tell 'em to pound sand! Like pounding on the ground in frustration?

I read a George Ade Fable yesterday from around the turn of the 20th century. He wrote, "I just hope he has enough gumption to pound sand in a gopher hole." Totally different meaning.

wagonjak said...

I'm afraid the luster is off the shine for me too. The kids at the afternoon MSNBC shows say all the right things, and nothing ever changes. And when it comes to risking their own skin and jobs supporting the workers who wanted to organize at their parent company, they were missing in action.

They got rid of one of my favorites there, Martin Bashir, who dared to make a poopy joke about the Alaskan griter...that really hurt.

And the pathetic rant by Big Ed Schultz about those who dare to criticize him because he didn't support those workers in their organizing efforts were just jealous of his wealth and success was a real downer. I still watch it occasionally, but it isn't a habit with me anymore....C

dinthebeast said...

That Maddow segment made me say to myself "Paul's got a sausage, yeah man", which is, of course, a Zappa reference, which you might want to show to Blue Gal so she can have a giggle about it also...

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Love me some Rachel.....okay, I just spent my morning trying to find out who "Count Comblick von Dungbeetle" is and why he's always wrong. Can't help it, the name took me!