Friday, February 07, 2014

Today In "Glenn Greenwald Is Not The Story" News

For the benefit of the comprehension-impaired, please let me reiterate once again that I am not in any way commenting on the virtues or mendacity of anything Mr. Greenwald is asserting.  Read all the way to the bottom of this post and then back to the top again and you will find no word bent to that purpose, so if you persist in seeing something with demonstrably does not exist, I must assume that you are either delusional or a troll or a delusional troll.

No, the point I have made several different times now happens to be in strict agreement with writers like Charles Pierce (who I respect and with whom I sometimes disagree) who argue eloquently that opinion merchants who continue to drag the personal dramas of Glenn Greenwald into the middle of the important and consequential story of NSA abuses are committing an act of destructive distraction and they should cut it the fuck out!
For the benefit of anyone for whom reading is perhaps not fundamental, Glenn Greenwald's personality, and the peripatetic globe-trotting of Edward Snowden, are not the story here. If you decide to make them the story, then you are taking yourself off the real story, and that's your fault, not Greenwald's or Snowden's...
Once again, whether or not I agree with this line of reasoning, if you do, strongly urge you to direct your comments to:
Andersen Cooper
c/o CNN/New York
10 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019
And to:
Conor Friedersdorf 
c/o Atlantic Media Company
600 New Hampshire Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20037
And to:
Brian Beutler
c/o Salon
260 West 36th St, Suite 901
New York, NY 10018 
And to:
Amy Goodman
c/o Democracy Now!
207 W. 25th St., Floor 11
New York, NY 10001
What Exciting!New!Revelations! will tomorrow bring in the ongoing saga of "Glenn Greenwald Is Not The Story"?

Watch this space!

Meanwhile, Barton "Machine Gun" Gellman is still on the loose.


Anonymous said...

Can Pierre Omidyar be the story? Or how about the exciting new exposure of the whole Snowden NSA cache?

Anonymous said...

*Yawn* You can't help yourself can you. Btw, you have such pretty eyes.

wagonjak said...

You should give your "Greenwaldian Obsession" a break every once in awhile....just sayin'!

Horace Boothroyd III said...


Regarding Greenwald, I am confident that if the hysterical ninnies would stop bringing it up then Driftie would be more than happy to stop shooting it down.

It's not as if he is lacking for deserving targets in this media environment.

Anonymous said...

So, what's the point?

Lumpy Lang said...

The point is Droneglass (eloquently speaking for the class of post-2008-ruined-petty-ex-proprietors-turned-would-be-associates-of-the-Walton-family) clings to the illusion - contrary to all evidence - that state power represents HIM. Thus, like a squalid character from the flop-house in Gorky's "Lower Depths" he has no refuge but his illusions. No choice but to divert attention in any way possible from the crimes of the state apparatus of repression...

In order that NSA crimes, drone-strikes, abductions, torture etc. NEVER be "the story", Greenwald and his personal characteristics and issues must ALWAYS be the story.

Pinkamena Once More said...

Unvarnished racist LL says what?

Monster from the Id said...

LL probably knows this already, but just in case:

When Pinkamena says "unvarnished racist", that merely means "anyone who disagrees with Pinkamena".

The scarlet "R" is losing its terror.

Alas, that's all Pinkamena of Oborg has.

Epic Fail of Intimidation.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

It seems that the GG Fan Crew are again exhibiting an inability to read beyond the first instance of "Glenn Greenwald" in a post before heading off to the comment box for screeching, There are, apparently, "Droneglasses" to be cast!

That, or an inability to read for comprehension that I am loathe to assign to anybody. It would be sad.

gratuitous said...

No, I'm not going to go on and on about Glenn Greenwald. I'm not making him the subject of the post. Yes, I mention him several times, and lead off the post with one of my oh-so-clever photos of Greenwald as charlatan, but this is NOT about Greenwald. It's not, it's not, it's not! And if you say it's about Greenwald (who's barely even mentioned here), you're just a big poopyhead.

And, since I moderate my own comments, you can be damn sure that anyone pointing out the number of times Greenwald is mentioned or portrayed in this post (which, bitches, it totally isn't about, so stop saying that) will have his comment summarily deleted. So there. Q to the E to the motherfuckin' D this isn't about Glenn Greenwald.

Another long ride on the Bob Boudelang train. Thanks for the morning chuckle.

Pinkamena Once More said...

Note how gratuitousbullshit screams that OMG DELETING COMMENT DRONEGLASS IS TEH CENSORSHIPZ, never once thinking about how, if DG was going to censor people, he'd have already done it... starting with gratuitousbullshit and the rest of the Greensucker crowd.

Instead, we get treated to the syphilitic rantings of unvarnished racist LL, slaveowner-apologist Hamhock Caramel Monsterouslylargecankersore, and of course, the above display of gormless stupidity from one-note Greensucker gratuitousbullshit.

They have their narratives all written out long before they even arrive. The facts don't matter. All that matters is the outrage.

And yet people still doubt they're right-wingers.

gratuitous said...

Gee, and I didn't even have to say "censorship" (which I know it isn't) for one of Drifty's sock monkeys to scream that it was.

And it's still not about Glenn Greenwald, see?

Monster from the Id said...

Gratuitous and LL:

Watching the decline of this blog is like losing Shakesville all over again. :(

Pinkamena Once More said...

I tire of the knuckle-draggers who infest this place.

DG, when you actually do start deleting posts as you so obviously will BUT IT'S NOT CENSORSHIP BECAUSE THAT WORD WASN'T USED CUZ THAT'S HOW LANGUAGE WORKS YOU GUIZE I'll come back.

But fuck this 4chan-level trollfest in the meantime.