Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Stupidest Quote You Will See Today

is from this guy:
"Movement conservatives who turn against Wall Street are on the verge of breaking important new conceptual ground."

-- Mr. James Poulos, who Details Magazine explained,
was Huffington Post's "own Gen-X David Brooks"
If the last two political generations has proven anything, it's that The Stupids will go right on believing whatever Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh tell them to believe, up to and including being told to lobotomize their own kids.
They are Conservatism's ideological cannon fodder.
They were bred for, with Wall Street money and Hate Media propaganda.
Sure, that arrangement is periodically renegotiated.  And, yes, sometime the Brownshirts turn on the plutocrats who have been footing the bill for their binge.
But Modern Conservatism will always be a berserk, terrified, headless mob.
And there will always be a demagogue only too happy to lead them deeper into darkness.


Anonymous said...

Do you find this as depressing as I do?

"Taibbi announced Thursday that he is leaving Rolling Stone for First Look Media, Greenwald's new venture with Pierre Omidyar"

Horace Boothroyd III said...

And about that Polk Award.

Its charter alleges that the award should go to a journalist (1) whose dogged determination (2) leads to the uncovering (3) of an important story that has real consequences (4).

So considering that Greenwald did little more than masturbate at his computer until Snowden dumped a big fat doobie of stolen documents into his lap, it appears that there are at least four counts under which Greenwald should not have been eligible for consideration. Were I a journalist, I would be outraged.

Once again, getting your pseudoradical freak on appears to overwhelm intellectual integrity or any considerations of logic and proportion.

Score one for the hysterical ninnies, you can't deny that they have enthusiasm in abundance.

Anonymous said...

Poulos; nice hair.