Friday, February 28, 2014

Professional Left Podcast #221

"He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command.” 

-- Niccolo Machiavelli


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jim said...

Surely it is just a fortuitous coincidence that the "Two Santa Clause" strategy happens to be a perfect prelude to the many wonders of Disaster Capitalism.

America = Chile 2.0?

steeve said...

If we're trying to be perfect in our phrasing, let's replace "the black guy in the white house" with "the democrat in the white house". Racists hate white democrats every bit as much as they hate black democrats.

For instance, what was it that made republicans suddenly start caring about deficits? Was it because the president's skin color changed, or was it purely and totally because the president's political affiliation changed? Let's match the effect with the right cause.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, but I think you are underestimating racism. Two of my neighbors would regularly refer to President Obama as "the N*r in the White House".

My grandmother from Pennsylvania died before his election, but thought society was on the verge of collapse because people were willing to "put a N*r in the White House".

I agree that *Southern* racists tend to hate democrats, "Because democrats want to force them to tolerate 'those people', but Republicans stand up for Freedumb and American *cough*White*cough* Values!" However, I think the Tea Party (distillation of the stupid) wing of the base would have been much less insane if the president was white and had an Anglo name, and the Evangelical (distillation of the crazy) wing of the base would have not had so much End Of Days and Antichrist / Harbinger of Antichrist nonsense.


steeve said...

To the extent that the dead-end republican rump is more insane now than with Bill Clinton (and i'd say they're not much more insane), I think it's entirely explained by the reality-removing feedback loop they're living in.

Your two neighbors would have been ordered to despise a President Kerry with every ounce of strength in them, and they would have obeyed. If you can perform the thought experiment of "what if Kerry were president" and come up with different behavior (not just different words) from the psychopaths, then you're probably right. But even then, "democrat" would still be counting for 80% of the effect rather than 100%.