Monday, January 27, 2014

Silly Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd.

It's Both Sider Day over at Mr. Sullivan's Pot-'n-Popes-'n-Stuff aggregation site:
If the 10 – 15 percent form the bedrock of one party’s base, and shape and echo a message fed through the hyper-partisan cable pipeline, it is precisely the isolated nature of the phenomenon that gives it power. After all, anyone who is not super-ideologically committed or highly partisan would find both MSNBC and Fox to be ridiculous, propagandistic caricatures of news. That’s why their audiences are relatively small. In fact, both propaganda channels may have maxed out on their reach because most (sane) Americans never stop laughing or gasping at cable news’ inane extremism when they have the misfortune to turn it on.

-- Andrew Sullivan, 01/27/14
As even Mr. Sullivan is clearly if dimly aware, using "1984" as a business model, Roger Ailes corporation is engaged in grand, long-range project to shape and direct a genuine American Fascist Party: one that wields real political power while at the same time it makes it's brain caste very, very rich. (1)
Without Fox News, no Tea Party.
And as often as it fails, what several key players at the Weimar-weak, deeply compromised, internally conflicted and often inept MSNBC at try to do is push back against a vast, entire, well-funded and well-choreographed Axis of Asshats led by Fox News, Hate Radio, Koch Brothers-funded Conservative Think Tanks and PACS, and virtually the entire leadership of the GOP.(2)

Why Mr. Sullivan can evidently clearly see the former (1) and is so congenitally and bitchily committed to failing to see the latter (2) has been a matter of some speculation on this blog for many, many years.

And for all of the "Ask So-and-so Anything" featurettes that he posts over at his Pot-'n-Popes-'n-Stuff site, since Mr. Sullivan does not have the guts to face off against a real Liberal in a real debate on this important subject, I suspect we will never get an answer to that question.


n1ck said...

Yes, MSNBC, an ultra-liberal bastion filled with arch-liberals like Joe Scarborough.

wagonjak said...

Nor will he allow a comment thread where we evil progressives can rip him limb from limb (rhetorically speaking of course!) And he has those stupid "Can You Identify This View" threads so he can rack up the hits on his site.

Not to mention every day there's at least one article pleading for new subscribers to his site, and shamelessly promoting it and himself.

Truly there is no depth he will plunge to to self-promote!