Friday, December 13, 2013

Yes, Acid-Belching Gorgon Ann Coulter Still Exists

She can currently be found hanging out by the dumpsters in the back-alley of Conservatism, trolling for any outrage minnows her tired, hilariously, brain-damaged wares can still attract:
Whenever liberals are in a tight spot, they adopt the scorched-earth policy of argumentation. With no answer, they start demanding that you define words: What do you mean “liberal”? What do you mean “democracy”? What do you mean “patriotism”?

They retreat from argument, burning the English language as they go.

Accustomed to playing the role of Soviet commissar censoring the news when it comes to black violence, the Non-Fox Media are in a panic now that the alternative media can post videos of young black males punching out random strangers.
On the Right, screeching "Liberal! Liberal! Liberal!" + "Soviet!" + "Scary Negroes" continues to = "Payday!" for the cultural dregs of American political journalism.

But I'm sure somewhere a hippie is probably using a pinch of dank ash to draw a mustache on a picture of Margaret Thatcher.

Because Both Sides!


casimir said...

Read her "essay," haven't got the slightest idea what her point is. Young, disaffected black youth are assaulting people randomly. Just one in an infinite panoply of pathological behaviors in a society on a dystopic trajectory dictated foremost by the insatiable greed of those who grasp for all and daily close the window further on the possibility of others living decent lives. Are these black youth doing this as part of a "game" or just because? Why does it possibly matter? Someone feel free to explain.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

I hate to say this, but there is a tiny little undigested peanut particle in the turd sandwich squeezed out by the Acid Belching Gorgon (love the image, by the way).

Over at there is hamster brain who calls himself Rick Aucoin. He likes to scream "it puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the Republicans again" every time someone suggests that the GOP is trying to steal a march and maybe we should get together and stop them. In his mind, the median Democrat is a woman-suit wearing moral degenerate who terrorises thoughtful leftists such as himself into supporting corporate sell-out policies in times of danger only to stab him gleefully in the back when times are good. He's god-damned tired of it and he doesn't care if the GOP wins if it puts the fear of God into the Obamabots.

This is an effective tactic for shutting down reasoned discourse, which is the peanut to which I referred above. You and I can recognize that he is a fringe loon, analogous to the teabaggers on the right, but the Gorgon's stock in trade is pretending HE represents the median Democrat.

Which is why I find him so annoying.

n1ck said...

Any time you read the drivel puked up by conservatives, just remember that it is 100% pure projection onto libruuuls what they themselves do/believe/say/argue.

Do that, and everything instantly makes sense.

They are merely describing themselves.