Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Today In "I Told You So"

Fresh from eating a giant bag of salted NSA penises in front of a national audience, you may be wondering what fresh hell the Tiffany Network might have up its sleeve to out-Herod that Herod.

Well, since you asked, remember that lady who used The House that Cronkite Built to fake up a Giant Scary Benghazi Story (and thereby tossed a few thousand pounds of jellied gasoline onto the dying embers of the wingnut's current favorite Kenyan Usurper fairy tale)?

The one who certain Liberal wags cynically predicted would probably be forced to sit in the naughty corner no longer than the industry-standard 30 days (or 'doing a full Halperin' as it is known in thrice-cursed the Language of the Damned)?

From Politico, November 26, 2013:
One month after "60 Minutes" aired a controversial and now-retracted story about the events of the 2012 attack on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi, it seems as though the final shoe has dropped on the beleaguered network. Correspondent Lara Logan and producer Max McClellan are taking a leave of absence from the network, "60 Minutes" Executive Producer and CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager announced in a memo to staff on Tuesday.
Yeah, that lady.

Care to guess what happened to that lady?

From Politico, December 16, 2013:
Lara Logan and Max McClellan, the '60 Minutes' journalists who were put on a leave of absence following their now-retracted report on Benghazi, are set to return to the program early next year, POLITICO has learned.

Logan and her producer, who had unfinished projects in the works when they left in November, have started booking camera crews for news packages, network sources said. Their return could come as early as next month.

Kevin Tedesco, the spokesperson for "60 Minutes," said a specific return date had not been scheduled.

“Lara Logan’s return has not been scheduled," he wrote in a statement. "Beyond that, we do not comment on speculation.”
Never doubt there is a club.

Never doubt that you will never be in it.


JerryB said...

I think we both expected everyone would act as if nothing happened and go back to business as usual once the great eye had turned elsewhere.

We had the Stone Age, The Bronze Age, The Gilded Age and now the No Consequences Age. The greatest age of all.

Anonymous said...

This isn't about the club at all.

Logan is an attractive woman and a rising star. For those reasons CBS would have to be insane to fire her. Another network would pick her up and CBS would suffer. Beyond that she was the victim of a sexual assault. This makes firing her a PR disaster with interest groups that could make life hell for CBS, and would allow an attractive sexual assault woman to go on another network and bash CBS for failing a female sexual assault victim. The woman could start boiling babies alive on TV and it wouldn't be bad enough to give CBS cover.

Now normally this sorts of situations are "fixed" by "promoting" someone to a Midwest subsidiary. They get a nice raise and fancy title, but they are finished in big leagues on the coast. The stench of flyover is a career ender. Everyone knows you send fuck ups, failures, and complete human trash out to flyover. Once banished that's it. Sadly for CBS, this isn't really possible given how they are structured.

Lumpy Lang said...

Droneglass has missed the point - not to mention a potential employment opportunity!

These journalistic pimps for NSA are on HIS side.

Instead of dissing them, Droneglass should be jamming 60-minutes' email with pdfs of his resume and highlighting his own glorious track record of denouncing Snowden and Greenwald in the service of Empire.

Unknown said...

And as is often the case when I see these stories, it's my job to point out that CBS and Lara Logan have NEVER repudiated, re-reported or retracted the Benghazi travesty. They apologized for using a tainted source -- who they have yet to say was lying to them, because they don't believe he was lying to them -- but they have not at any point in any way said the story was actually wrong. Bringing her back is confirmation that CBS stands behind the Benghazi story.