Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This Day In Labor Market News

So, Alec Baldwin got fired from MSNBC for calling someone a cocksucking something; opinions differ as to the noun which that adjective was summoned to modify.

Wow!  Really?  He said that on the air?

Well, no.

He shot his mouth off cussing out a paparazzi who was trying to impale his family with a camera.   And so MSNBC fired him for single-handedly destroying New York's hard-earned reputation as a G-rated, family-friendly Disneyland-on-the-Hudson (For the record, Alec Baldwin still enjoys the distinction of being the only Liberal Andrew Sullivan has ever heard of.)

Meanwhile, across town at the Tiffany Network, the lady who used The House that Cronkite Built to fake up a Giant Scary Benghazi Story (and thereby tossed a few thousand pounds of jellied gasoline onto the dying embers of the wingnut's current favorite Kenyan Usurper fairy tale) is not being fired.

But she didn't actually put this great, big, whopping lie on the air did she?

Actually, yes.  Yes she did.

She did it after having spent a year researching a story that other journalists were able to debunk in less than a week.  And after failing to disclose that the liar at the center of her narrative had inked a book deal with a subsidiary of her own network.

And for all of this she is being told to sit in the naught corner for awhile. 30 days seems to be the industry standard, although she's prettier than Mark Halperin, so you never know.

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity and a dozen, dozen more just like him continue to enjoy jobs-for-life openly and enthusiastically and deliberately lying to the public every single day.

So plan your careers accordingly future pundits.


Anonymous said...

As for CBS...

Let's be honest if Logan left she would be swept up instantly and they need her. Furthermore firing an attractive female who was sexually assaulted while doing her job is something CBS cannot do for PR reasons.

Logan going to another network and then doing a report on how she was sexually assaulted and then chased out as the female host of their premier show is not something CBS can suffer. Any manager who advocated doing that should be fired for malpractice.

If they are going to get rid of her it's going to be through her own voluntary separation with a bonus and agreement not to talk about CBS.

I see this as less IOKIYAR and more run of the mill corporate ass covering.

Anonymous said...

I listen to "Throwing Shade" occasionally. The woman there actually made a good point about Alec Baldwin. She said that she genuinely doesn't think that Baldwin's outburst was homophobic on a conscious level. She said that, in all likelihood, he grew up in a rough Irish household with a drunken abusive father. It was something ingrained as an abuse word and anger word, and when he gets pushed too far, the "bad words" from childhood tumble out.

I honestly don't think he cares about gay people at all, and that ends up being part of the problem. I think he is completely honest when he is saying he is not homophobic. I just think that when he is angry at a man, "British cigarette" is one of the swear words that reflexively pops out.

Along those lines, ask any of your gay friends how often their straight friends get angry with them and call them "c*cks*ck*r". Yes, it's a bad habit, but it's far more reflexive than malice.