Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vituperativeness Decried, Both Siderism Invoked

This was inevitable:
DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said she is “disappointed in the use of that imagery” with regards to a controversial fundraising email sent by Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson that compared the tea party to the Ku Klux Klan.

“Obviously I am disappointed in the use of that imagery. Both sides need to dial back that kind of rhetoric and look to bring more civility into politics,” Wasserman Schultz said in a statement.
And as always, Conservatism's dregs and dead-enders are on the job, letting their myrmidons know what the real deal is by retailing the received wisdom one of Winguttia's favorite Special Black Friends:
Allen West, former Congressman from Florida, is always right on target with his comments, we all know, and his recent Facebook post was exactly right. It’s the “white liberal progressives” who are the real racists in American society.

It is obvious that liberals are the real racists here. Worse, they use racism as a tool to fool African Americans into voluntarily walking onto the liberal’s plantation.
Speaking only for myself, I'll be delighted to dial my incivility way, way down once the racist hate machine at the core of the GOP is smashed to flinders and word gets back to me that Boss Limbaugh can't find work reading the 4:00 AM hog reports for Wapello, Iowa's number three Christian Contemporary station.

Until then Debbie can have my middle finger when she pries it off of my cold, dead hand.


Anonymous said...

Less than two weeks after the latest, hugely destructive bagger attempt to cripple the country, we should "dial it back"?
In a sane world, Grayson's rantings would be the "centrists" position.
"Dialing it back" is for the orcs: who want this country dialed back.... to 1859.

JerryB said...

It's comical that anyone can compare anything a dem does in this regard to the decades of Republican ugliness on virtually every issue. I think Deb is suffering from congressional Stockholm Syndrome.

That quote from West is funny. Yesterday I had a bunch of RW gun fetishist call me a racist and claimed, in all seriousness, that liberals were the true racist because of 1950s dems (dixiecrats) who were racist. Once they started engaging in murder fantasies involving cops and soldiers I bailed.

They really are too much.

driftglass said...


They really are master-class experts in every minor detail of every bad thing Democrats have done...right up until the 1950s/60s. Then history for them literally ... fucking ... stops ...

... only to resume again in January of 2009.

JerryB said...

Funny how that works, huh?

Anonymous said...

I'm having doubts about 2014 if that's how congressional leadership is going to act. They should've let a comedian or blogger release that pic. They would've had deniability.


Anonymous said...

Gee with all the stuff thrown at our president for the last five years that is so much filth I won't even post it, saying the tea bags are same as the KKK is mild. If I had the mic I sure would go much more out there. I got Grayson's back.

kfreed said...

Wasserman Schultz, please put your hand down.

When ONE SIDE is closely affiliated with white supremacists, speak up:

IREHR: "White Nationalists Descend on D.C. for National Policy Institute Conference" (Richard Spencer and Peter Brimelow/VDARE)

Steve King and White Nationalist CPAC Panel Warn that America's Greatest Threat is its Diversity (Peter Brimelow/VDARE)

SPLC: Former Congressman Tancredo to Address White Supremacists

IREHR Report: Tea Parties - Racism, Anti-Semitism and the Militia Impulse

"White Supremacist Stampede

Jul 4, 2011 8:18 PM EDT

A startling number of white-power candidates are seeking public office. Eve Conant reports on their under-the-radar strategy and David Duke’s White House flirtation."

"Steve Smith, White Supremacist, Elected To Republican Party Committee In Pennsylvania County"

Token Black: "White Americans Need to Speak Up or Lose Their Country”

(Jesse Lee Peterson of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND)

"People & Power - White Power USA (Documentary)" (Tea Party)

"Neo-Confederate Behind Pro-Huckabee Flag Ads in South Carolina"

"Video: Ron Paul Gives Speech on Civil War in Front of Giant Confederate Flag"

"One of the remaining Republican Presidential candidates spouts Civil War revisionism, standing in front of a Dixie flag"

“Ron Paul Curriculum Launched by Reconstructionist Gary North and Neo-Confederate Thomas Woods”

"The Ron Paul Institute: Be Afraid, Very Afraid"

"The former presidential contender is back, this time as head of a new ‘institute’ for ‘peace’ comprised of anti-Semites, 9/11 truthers, and dictator lovers. James Kirchick reports." (and racists)

"Ron Paul to Keynote Catholic Traditionalist Summit with NeoFascist and Overtly Anti-Semitic Speakers"

"Meet the 'Southern Avenger'!Another Member of Rand Paul's Team Has White Supremacist Past"


"The Convergence of Glenn Greenwald and Rand Paul’s 'Southern Avenger'” (Video: Liberty Tour)

lostnacfgop said...

Why can't Grayson analogize to the Klan? While it's fair to point out that there may not be complete symmetry of membership between both, can anyone deny that there is a common thread of irrationality, ideological rigidity, and fomented anger topped with a healthy slice of stupid in the TP? Or that the TP is just the latest iteration of what we used to call "the Moral Majority," or "the John Birch Society?"

jurassicpork said...

Meanwhile, Boss Hogg of (you can't make this shit up) Buncombe Co, NC had to resign over what was indisputably the most racist interview in the long history of the Daily Show. But to be fair to Good Ole Boy Boss Hogg, "one of (his) best friends is black."

It's hard to see even if you squint where this liberal plantation is but it's abundantly obvious that the GOP would love to bring the real thing back. It drives them crazy when you call them out on their antebellum racism, which just makes guys like me repeat it over and over again.


DEBBIE W S Has and continues to be the prime reason that the Democratice Party is not making any progress in winning elections She is against any PROGRESSIVE actions does not want to be seen as anything but a true "Southern Belle" and only hires Idiots like Isreal to missmanage the day to day operation of the national party
GO GRAYSON !!! Put some fire in the belly of the Democrats again and throw the Repugnthugs out !
And all of the Blue Dogs too !