Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Some People Called Him Maurice

The Obama Administration's Blue Dress.
Exclusive: White House Official Fired for Tweeting Under Fake Name

by Josh Rogin Oct 22, 2013 8:27 PM EDT

A White House national security official was fired last week after being caught as the mystery Tweeter who has been tormenting the foreign policy community with insulting comments and revealing internal Obama administration information for over two years.

Jofi Joseph, a director in the non-proliferation section of the National Security Staff at the White House, has been surreptitiously tweeting under the moniker @natsecwonk, a Twitter feed famous inside Washington policy circles since it began in February, 2011 until it was shut down last week. Two administration officials confirmed that the mystery tweeter was Joseph, who has also worked at the State Department and on Capitol Hill for Senators Bob Casey (D-PA) and Joe Biden. Until recently, he was part of the administration's team working on negotiations with Iran.

During his time tweeting under the @natsecwonk name, Joseph openly criticized the policies of his White House bosses and often insulted their intellect and appearance. At different times, he insulted or criticized several top White House and State Department officials, including former National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, Secretary of State John Kerry, and many many others.

The Daily Beast saved a long record of @natsecwonk's tweets prior to the shutting down of his Twitter feed.

“I'm a fan of Obama, but his continuing reliance and dependence upon a vacuous cipher like Valerie Jarrett concerns me,” he once tweeted.

“Was Huma Abedin wearing beer goggles the night she met Anthony Wiener? Almost as bad a pairing as Samantha Powers and Cass Sunstein ....,” he tweeted on another occasion, insulting a top Clinton aide, a then Congressman, and two White House senior officials in one tweet.
Even their scandals are boring.


Jack said...


Part of the reason this ...

"Even their scandals are boring."

... makes me laugh so hard is how bug-eyed and crazy it would make a wingnut to read it.

We had a wingnut blow up at work a few days ago. We were sitting in a conference room getting ready to start a meeting. A few of us were just casually trading observations about the state of the world, but apparently, without realizing it, each one of our little remarks was like a stab to the heart of our wingnut colleague. About 90 seconds into it he just exploded and shouted "YOU CANNOT SPEND YOUR WAY OUT OF DEBT! Let's just do our meeting!"

Wow. These wackos. They are so angry, and so volatile.

This guy had five kids; home schooled them all up until a few years ago when, from exhaustion, he gave up and sent them to the government schools for brainwashing and indoctrination. They don't celebrate Halloween, because, you know, demons. They're Pentecostals.

I would love to shove this post in front of his face and watch his mouth drop open in disbelief.

"Their SCANDALS are BORRRRING?!!? Whatabout BENGHAAAAAZI!? He Usurped Kenya, forgodssake!!!"

marindenver said...

They will all continue to yell "BENGHAAAAAZIII!!1!" as long as there is a gasp of breath in their lungs. And the rest of us will continue to pretend we didn't hear.

Anonymous said...


I hear the same from conservative weirdos at my work as well. They are so predictable. I was also told that it is immoral to spend money we don't have.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I was also told that it is immoral to spend money we don't have

When they say this, ask them if they paid cash for their house.

Kathleen said...

I'm sure they felt the same way when a white guy was president and leading us to victory in Iraq.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I'm sure they felt the same way when a white guy was president and leading us to victory in Iraq.

...using 'money we don't have'.

Does killing brown people using money we don't have count as doubly immoral? or do the immorals cancel each other out, somehow?

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Does killing brown people using money we don't have count as doubly immoral?

Seeing as how defense measures are paid for with magic faerie dust that neither stimulates the economy nor contributes to the deficit, I'd say killing brown people counts as an unmitigated win all around.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget -- killing brown people in Iraq and then paying to reconstruct their country ...using 'money we don't have'.

You should get the US military to blow up some bridges, levees, and dikes in the US to get the teabaggers to approve funding for domestic infrastructure projects.

-- Nonny Mouse

Cirze said...

Thanks, Dg.

Behind as usual but I can't help shouting out "Thanks!" for the laughter this one (and comments) brought to me.

I haven't laughed that way in a long time.

You rule.