Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Steve Benen goes "Full Driftglass"*

In response to Our Mr. Brooks 12,857th column lamenting the exactly equal and mirror opposite failings of Both Sides, this from the "Washington Monthly"*

The ‘third force’ Brooks has been waiting for

By Steve Benen

David Brooks seems discouraged by the era of political “stagnation,” but I have good news for him.
Each party is too weak to push its own agenda and too encased by its own cocoon to agree to a hybrid. The supercommittee failed for this reason. Members of the supercommittee actually took some brave steps outside party orthodoxy (Republicans embraced progressive tax increases, Democrats flirted with spending cuts), but these were baby steps, insufficient to change the alignment.

In normal circumstances, minority parties suffer a series of electoral defeats and then they modernize. But in the era of the two moons, the parties enjoy periodic election victories they don’t deserve, which only re-enforce their worst habits.

So it’s hard to see how we get out of this, unless some third force emerges, which wedges itself into one of the two parties, or unless we have a devastating fiscal crisis — a brutal cleansing flood, after which the sun will shine again.
Brooks gets one part of this horribly wrong. Dems on the super-committee did more than “flirt with spending cuts” — they were prepared to offer massive spending cuts, including major changes to Medicare and Social Security, in order to reach a bipartisan agreement. This is exactly what Brooks wanted them to do, and for him to ignore these details misleads his readers in a rather fundamental way.

For that matter, Brooks lauds GOP members for having “embraced progressive tax increases,” but in reality, Republicans were willing to accept some new revenue so long as taxes weren’t increased on anyone, and the offer was conditional on Democrats accepting massive tax breaks that Republicans wouldn’t even try to pay for.

Is Brooks not aware of these details? If he is, why is his description so incomplete? If not, why not?

Because he is a liar.

A well-paid, professional liar who is completely insulated from ever facing the consequences of his lies or even any uncomfortable questions about his lies by his New York Times title, and coterie of friends and co-conspirators in the Beltway Media.

A liar.

Always has been.

Always will be.

Welcome to the club, Steve, and allow me to reiterate what I wrote one post back. That all of the ridiculously transparent "Both Sides" fairy tales spun by Conservative Apostates come from the one, basic American truth that they dare not acknowledge: that the Dirty Fucking Hippies were right about the Right all along, and that every single grudging step the Obama Administration has made in the direction of good politics and good policy has been a step away from the bullshit "Both sides do it!" Centrist cult of David Brooks, Andrew Sullivan, David Gregory, David Frum, Tom Friedman and virtually the entire Beltway Media...

...and towards the Liberals.

*(h/t reader I.R. for sending this along.)

*(Thanks, Tild. As a hangover from my last post, I'm sure I had "Stephen Vincent Benet" in my head as my fingers were doing their thing :-)



Tild said...


Washington Monthly guy = Steve Benen

Jon Benet Ramsey's long lost twin brother {stolen in infancy by pirates!) = Steve Benet

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Driftglass, your graphic at the top of the blog is just crying out for Lt. Pike and his pepper spray cannister to be photoshopped in....


Anonymous said...

Not actually anon, this is OmAli making the Lt. Pike request :)

OmAli said...

oops, did it twice!!

steeve said...

"If not, why not?"

Even when the media does "good", it can't ask a decent question. Here the right question is "if not, why isn't his job given to someone who knows something?"

Tild said...

Oh dear, I hate to correct you but I think you must mean Edna St. Vincent Benet.

You know, the woman who wrote the songs and screenplay for Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.

Also, if I remember correctly, she was married to Bill Bixby for a while in the 1970s.

You're welcome!

Yer kindly old auntie [with a mind like a steel trap] Tild

Roket said...

Not only is DFB a liar but he also makes shit up out of thin air also and too.

Case in point: "So it’s hard to see how we get out of this, unless some third force emerges, which wedges itself into one of the two parties, or unless we have a devastating fiscal crisis — a brutal cleansing flood, after which the sun will shine again."

Gee. I wonder if he's talking about the 99%rs or Tear Party? Dream on fool.

Here's a moon for you David: (o)

driftglass said...



Tild said...

Oh, you're no fun!

I was just channeling my dear departed mother-- who was, in her lifetime the foremost purveyor of garbled information in the Western Hemisphere.

Alas, this is what constitutes Entertainment in my little corner of the Cosmos.

Cosmos. That was Topper's first name, right? In all those old Topper movies? Yeah. Cosmos Topper...


Batocchio said...

Steve knows, but he often stops slightly short of saying it outright. I don't know if that's a Washington Monthly thing. I suspect it's Steve's way of calling bullshit politely, since anyone with a clue knows the answer. Personally, I'd like our national political discourse to be full of accurate bullshit-calling, both the polite kind for folks so inclined, and profanity-laced for the rest of us - but the important part is to call bullshit. After that, it's a just a style choice or a matter of venue.