Monday, November 22, 2010

The Ten Lessons of Rahmses -- Lesson Ten

Public Service in a post-Daley Chicago:
Da secret?

You gotta work hard.

You gotta be ready for mobs of hungry clout-zombies
who want to eat your brains.

But mostly, you gotta love it!

And by "it" I mean stabbin' people.

In the neck.

With pencils.

Background via "The Beachwood Reporter" (comes with video, so it's fun for the whole family!)

A County Clout List
By Dane Placko

"FOX Chicago News obtained a copy of a 'clout list' showing who landed jobs funded by a federal disaster grant. The list details who in county government sponsored the employees and contains information about friends and family already working at Cook County.
"The list contains the names of 31 people who got jobs or contracts funded by the disaster grant. Written in hand beside many of the names are notations such as 'father and uncle with county,' 'Andrea's brother,' or 'uncle in highway.'"

1 comment:

amber ladeira said...

Your graphics are soooo masterful! --And FUNNY!!
The opinions here, by and large,
are spot on. But you realize the
conventional sheep aren't buying
many trips to Realityville.

I wish you and yours nothing but
the best.

Happy Holidays,
Stay Safe.

Best, A.

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