Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let's Go Over It One More Time.

First, your boss will be referring to my "invaluable contributions" during the State of the Union.

Yes, sir

Also my massive wang.


Yes, sir.

And you'll be running some sacrificial tackling dummy

against me next year, right?

Yes sir.

Axlerod will be over here to floss my taint

once a week?

Yes, sir.

And you'll have that little shit Colbert

lay the fuck offa me?

Right away, sir.

Will that be all, sir?

Also...also I want your boss to rename one of his brats "Hadassah".

Don't care which one.


Yes, sir.

Then we have a deal.

Thank you,

Senator Lieberman.


I meant

"Thank you, King Joe."

You're welcome.

You fucking child.


pwapvt said...

You pretty much nailed that one DG. What a fucking disgrace. It's no wonder that dems are de-motivated. What did all of the hard work and hopiness get them: Joe Fucking Lieberman. Makes me sick. Bring on the third and fourth party candidates. these two are useless.

pwapvt said...

ps, Colbert but not Stewart?

tanbark said...

That's hot shit,'s up on FDL, too. :o)

Anonymous said...

I have gotten in Jane Hamsher's shit a time or three, and if, as I make it about 50-50 will happen (and headed for 75-25...) Hillary bails out of State to run against Obama in 2012, Jane supports her doing it, I will get in her shit again.

Having said that, she is doing yeoman's work fighting against the healthcare cornholing that Obama-Lieberman-Reid, are giving us. Just a GREAT job.

And yesterday, she got off the best line I've heard about it:

"If I'd wanted Joe Lieberman writing the healthcare reform bill, I'd have voted for John McCain."

If that aint a hammer-nail-bang, I've never heard one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry: That was me, tb. :o)

Anonymous said...

The most lethal thing about all of this is not just that we're getting a faux healthcare reform bill; but that american voters do NOT like a weak president, and right now, Barak Obama looks like a bowl of piss-thin gruel.

Look OUT come the mid-terms. :o(

Gene Oberto said...

Ab-so-friggin-lute-ly Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Calling Joe a douchebag just doesn't cut it any more. He's more like a colostomy bag. This truly is about as fucked up as anything I've ever seen. A man who really wants everyone to hate him.


Unknown said...

No shit fucking. shit.

Friggin pathetic ain't it?

fahrender said...

further proof there is no God. not that we needed it....

pwapvt said...

Told ya!
I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Jon Stewart on Lieverman.

mark hoback said...


Distributorcap said...

i love the super secret DG hidden candid cameras

Serving Patriot said...

The essence of Washington DC... so perfectly distilled by DG.

Thanks for this!


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