Monday, August 18, 2008

It Is Now 28 Years Later

and the Conservative Hate Virus that hijacked
a political party,
a religion,
and the national media
and turned them into disease vectors
still rages merrily along.

(click pic for poster-sized)


Anonymous said...

Friggin' AWESOME!

Thank you DG :)

Anonymous said...

And patient Ground Zero -- as virus disease vector (Ronnie Reagan) -- was a certified victim of Alzheimer's!!!

Anyone taking care of Alz-ridden parents or relatives know how "well" they track on the major and minor activities of life.

They don't. Not even on whether they want a banana or a colonoscopy.

I suggest NOT investing this disease vector with power by thinking it is widespread. It is not. Only hearing its viral trail throughout the worthless mass media has tricked us into thinking this is what America thinks.

Ain't so. Reagan was even more of a hollowed out sock puppet than the current George marionette. Wood burns. Start a fire.

Caoimhin Laochdha said...

And The Band Played On . . .

Anonymous said...

GOP = Disease Vector.

I just love that!! Mostly because it's all too true.

Cirze said...


You keep us on the beam. Such devotion to art!

I never come to your site without learning something mind (or aesthetics) altering.

Conservative Hate Virus =
GOP = Disease Vector(s)


I will not be able to forget this pie-eating contest for a very long while.

If the last thirty years has proven anything about the tiny, underclocking brains of the critters on the Right beyond a shadow of a doubt it is that John McSame could be caught on film in a bondage dungeon servicing Pontius Pilate and Bigfoot, after which...

...Sean Hannity would lead the 27%-ers in a grand, national chorus of “But he’s a War Hero”...

...and eleven minutes later they would have blissfully forgotten anything ever happened.


I could quote the rest of this awesome dissection of the Thug Right. I could quote you forever.

Thanks again for the incisive nontruthiness.



jp said...

this is going to a lot of places Drifty..thanks. btw, it looks even scarier blowed up good.

Anonymous said...

Reagan put an amiable face on a very ugly agenda. He has a great deal to answer for, Alzheimer's or not. Even if he was a brain-addled, senile old dunce, he's no innocent...

Or as Gore Vidal once put in an interview: "To the extent that he (Reagan) understands what's being done in his name, he probably agrees with it..."

Anonymous said...

More Drifty brilliance. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Yes, absolutely brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Exceptional once again, drifty.

I, in my haste and dyslexia, compressed part of the first sentence to read "hatejacked", which, if it isn't yet a proper term, will be used and abused ad nauseam by me until it makes the OED.

Unknown said...

lol, you people are full of hate yet admonish others for supposedly having a hate agenda, the cognitive dissonance is too funny for words.

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