Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Democratic Pledge.

A modest proposal for debating the great issues of the day.

Or not debating them.

I ___________ solemnly pledge to debate my Republican colleagues or such designated minions, seconds, courtiers, fops, spin chimps, roveulettes, Viagra purveyors, fluffers astrologers, chickenhawks, Jebus-O-Matics, pirates, toes suckers, CEOs, lobbyists, playas, gap-toothed simpletons, cheddar sniffers, panty sniffers, Clinton haters, Confederate wannabes, leakers, leak-decriers, Creationists, fake news wranglers, fake cowboys, fake warriors, fake patriots, Goldberg-whelpers, Promise Keepers, secret drinkers, Fo’ Rent Two Percenters, and autofellators as are authorized to speak or make little grunting noises on any or all of the following topics:

1. Flag Burning.
2. Gay Marriage.
3. Spontaneous Generation.
4. Heliocentrism.
5. Flying Spaghetti Monsters.
6. Flying Spaghetti Monster vs. Godzilla.
7. Making English the Official Language of the United States.
8. Making Chicagoese the Official Accent of the United States.
9. Making Red Bull the Official non-carbonated beverage of the United States.
10. Refighting the Fucking Civil War by proxy for the Umpteen Zillionth Time because certain people just can’t get the fuck over it.
11. Flying Spaghetti Monsters.vs. Meka Godzilla.
12. Darwin vs. Meka Godzilla.
13. Resolved : Publicly flying and revering the flags of the enemies of the United States shall be considered a desecration of the flag of the United States.
14. Burning every last Confederate Flag as an act of public duty to defend the Stars and Stripes from desecration.
15. Yes, even driving the “General Lee” into a car crusher. The show sucked anyway.
16. The Whiteness of the Whale.
17. Whither Canada?
18. David Mamet vs. Arthur Miller.
19. David Cassidy vs. Uther Pendragon.
20. David Carradine vs. Bea Arthur.
21. More Gay Stuff. Maybe…gay adoption.
22. Snowflake Babies Sing Songs of Love (Which I swear I will use as the title of a post someday)
23. Global warming, and how we leaped from rabid denial to rabid silence without ever changing planes in Cogitatylvania (I’m writing this while waiting for an inbound flight.)
24. Social Security, Part Deux and how it makes people gay.
25. The ever-popular “I Fear Brown People” sampler.
26. Activist judges will turn you gay.
27. Immigrant flag burners.
28. Hats on men. Will they ever make a comeback?
29. Why no National Limerick? People can’t make it through the third verse of “Oh say can you see” without either blowing it entirely or making police dogs cry, but everyone knows about a certain, prodigious Man from Nantucket, and can recite his bio from memory having only heard it once, in fifth grage, behind the bleachers where the bad kids hung out.
30. Books, Schmooks: If you can’t make it into a ten-word sound byte or get Jerry Bruckheimer to overproduce the shit out of it, I don’t care if it’s an autographed First Folio. Get your elitist cooties away from me.
31. How Joe McCarthy won the Cold War.
32. How Roy Cohn was neither gay, nor Jewish, nor did he die of AIDS.
33. Faith-based rocketry (ain't no GPS or Saturn's Rings or Oort Cloud in the Bible bucko!)

But only on one condition.

I will debate any or all of these topics anywhere anytime, once my Republican colleague fulfills his/her responsiblity as the majority party controlling every branch of government and proposes well-reasoned and responsible plans to address the following, urgent national problems:

1. The Iraqi Debacle. And all the myriad problems that will flow from that colossal fuckup for the next forty years.
2. The price of gas.
3. The health care emergency, both as a crisis in health care and a looming economic disaster that will put American companies at a competitive disadvantage forever.
4. Education. Education. Education, Why?…
5. …if for not other reason than the aging workforce. Good jobs go unfilled by the tens of thousands for lack of a skilled and well-educated labor force, and if you think that’s bad, that’s nothing. In 10-12 year the people who have the skills and education to keep out modern, tech-and-innovation-driven economy will retire by the millions. When that happens, the nation’s economy implodes, unless we massively reinvest in and reinvent education. Period.
6. A sane, sustainable energy policy. And no, you may not invoke ANWR.
7. Serial global environmental catastrophes that we have to fix or we are fucked.
8. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s a year later and y’all have done shit-all about the fact that the Gulf Coast was destroyed. Remember?
9. Deficits forever, bitches!
10. Insert you own, personal favorite here.

You were horny for imperial power for long you could taste it in your teeth. Wanted it so bad, you cheated, lied and ran our carefully balanced democratic institutions up on the rocks one after another to get to where you are today.

And then you won.



Remember when it was all gonna be so cool once the Liberals were out of the way and you could liquidate the hated Federal Government. When the Government is the source of all evil in the Universe? When you could hang every problem in the world on welfare queens?

Remember the glory days of “We won. You lost. Now shut up.” ?

Remember when you could drown out all the blood and misery on your filthy, lying hands by just turning Rush up louder?

You wanted this, and now it's yours. All yours.

History is watching you. The future is watching you. The massed billions yet unborn are watching you, and they see a pathetic huddle children who are throwing the world's most expensive tantrum because they don’t want to fix what they destroyed.

They see a no-neck ocean of cowards and fools and bigots, led by liars and crooks. They see you taking your hour in the sun -- the one you traded your ideal, you conscience and you soul to acquire – and pissing it away. Deliberately picking fights over trivia in gthe hopes that no one notices that you have destroyed a great nation,

They see you failing, in more ways and with worse consequences than any generation in American history. And doing it while giggling and jerking off to Ann Coulter.

Your children and grandchildren see all that you have done and all that you have failed to do and they are ashamed of you, so govern, you weak, stupid, frightened little men. You ARE the government, so quit bellowing and blaming everyone from Michael Moore to Cindy Sheehan for your sins.

Actually step up like men and govern and we’ll spend the next 20 years debating anything else you’d like. Flags and queers and all the rest of the fiddling nonsense.

Govern, or admit that you are uniquely incompetent to actually lead a great nation.

Govern…or shut the fuck up


Anonymous said...

*snork* at the initial list of GOPher subordinates! TWO snaps and a circle!

As for actually leading the country--well, Drifty, they can't., because they only know two things: "catapulting the propaganda", and rigging the elections (by both digital and analog means) when the propaganda just isn't working any longer.

I must return to mining NaCl now. Sayonara.---KC

Anonymous said...

Oh, wait--never mind those contests you mentioned, try this one:

Galactus vs. Q --who wins?

Anonymous said...

They're not worried about education, because they think they'll always be able to import enough sci/tech/professional people from Asia. What happens when those people's rapidly advancing Asian homelands reach the state of advancement where the bright Asians would prefer to stay home?

Anonymous said...

Right, kid charlemagne.

It used to be that the bright Chinese physicist would be better off washing dishes in New York City than living in Beijing.

Now he or she is better off staying in China - especially since the Chinese are building up at least a dozen world-class universities.

The US is losing influence and popularity worldwide. It used to be that when the State Dept. spoke about something in Latin America, it would be listened to with attention and/or fear. Now, with the US tied up in Iraq and frittering away its resources, the Latin Americans like Chavez of Venezuela are working as fast and as hard as they can to decrease the poverty, get universal literacy, and build up their defenses.

Link - re article about waning US influence - analysis by Peking University academic y

Mister Roboto said...

Now he or she is better off staying in China

Providing they don't get sick and die from living in one of the most ecologically befouled countries in the world, that is. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Latin America--thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster the Latin Americans are not Muslims! Given our long history of crimes against the peoples of L'America (OK, who gets that reference?), if they were Muslim, we wouldn't be able to project ANY power outside of our own hemisphere, because we'd need ALL our troops, AND a draft to boot, to keep horde after horde after horde after fucking horde after fucking vengeful HORDE of mujahideen off our necks. Or else we'd have had to use Da Bomb to try to obtain relief, and probably have precipitated nuclear winter.

Anonymous said...

L&L--a good point, but I think the Chinese ruling class MIGHT be smart enough to put those brains to work solving the pollution problems once they feel they've reached a sufficiently high plateau of national wealth. After all, their ruling class does not consist of Rich Stupid Neo-Confederate White Men, unlike our unfortunate homeland.

Anonymous said...

In the future, if scientific civilization survives, the decline and fall of the United States of America will be remembered as a tragic example of what happens when stupid rich people are allowed to run the country, and stupid non-rich people are allowed to vote.

And while I'm at it, "Bah, humbug!" (I'm saying it early to avoid the rush)

I'm only 43; I'm gonna make a GREAT curmudgeon! :)

Anonymous said...

Every single one of your posts hits the mark - every time!

Anon. #1

Anonymous said...

I want to revise my earlier statement; the GOP knows exactly 4 things:

(1) Creating propaganda.
(2) "Catapulting" that propaganda.
(3) Stealing the elections when the propaganda just isn't doing the job.
(4) Looting the public treasury once the first 3 measures gain them office.

mommybrain said...

When we wake up, will you be our poet laureate? You be on fire lately.

Anonymous said...

Amen Amen and Cheers!

Sometimes I liken the current state of 'governance' to what I observed in my 6 year exile in Branson MO. Just watching with a sort of horrified amusement at how poorly the town was managed in every conceivable way by white evangelical men who suddenly had gobs o' cash to play with and thought they were going to create their own personal Utopia. Infrastructure? Controlled growth? Huh? Jim Stafford used to actually have a bit in his act where he told everyone to go back to their hotel and flush their toilets at 10:15. But hey! There was no gambling! clappy clappy.

dcnative said...

I never puked watching snippets of the congressional hearing on flag-burning. The part I saw was a female Democrat, just going along with it all, asking questions and posturing with the best of 'em.

When will the Dems start taking a chance and spending their precious five minutes of time at those things saying, "This is a national shame that, as our troops are dying, our children can't get health care or education, our national debt is going through the roof, etc, etc" we are wasting the public's money on this non-issue.

Until they start standing up to the Republicans, the R's will never stand down.

David Sirota has a good piece on this on DailyKos today.

And don't get me started on Bush jogging with a double-amputee soldier.

Thanks, DG. Brilliant and witty as always. Good luck with your flights.

dcnative said...

oops. That's supposed to be "nearly" in the first sentence...

Anonymous said...

...a few things...
aint it 'meCHA godzilla?

...and the other, more obvious is this: This is EXACTLY what they want. This is the end RESULT of what wiser people than myself have been pointing out for YEARS: that when your philosophy is BASED around the notion that government for the people by the people SUCKS ass and MUST be destroyed, well when given the chance to govern, you would think that undergirding principle to shine through like Alexander's lighthouse...OF COURSE everything they touch turns to shit, of COURSE everything theyre doing enriches their CRONIES. THATS the POINT of it all..and when the democratic party REGAINS power and has to, you know, actually govern EMPIRICALLY as opposed to imperially, they will piss and moan and scream and say, BUT the government FAILED us, it's broke, jefferson & franklin were WRONG, no mere mortal can REPAIR it, so lets do something else?
...and that something else might involve us all GOOSE-stepping our way into the FUTURE, or what's LEFT of it...

(like it was said: .."Why are you dressed like that- has someone DIED?" ..."just WAIT"...)

..ahh, AMERICA...home of the NOT so FREE, land of the NOT so BRAVE..

...OH yeah, as an aside...while living in brooklyn and drinking on flatbush avenue from like '97-01, i was known as 'THREE-SYLLABLE-DAN".....ANTI-intellectualism is NOTHING new....clever people make the stooopid VERY uncomfortable...

Anonymous said...

loveandlight -

Re Chinese pollution - the Chinese government is well aware of the ecological problems and is working, even if slowly, to correct them. Some individual businesses are also involved in solutions, e.g. voluntarily putting solar panels on factory roofs.

One thing I noticed about the Chinese - while they keep making mistakes, on the whole they also keep making steady progress.

They have an extremely practical and ruthless attitude toward eliminating problems that hinder progress. They take a long-range view and have long-range plans.

Perhaps part of the reason for their practicality is the large number of people in leadership positions who were educated as engineers or scientists.

President Hu Jintao is trained as an engineer.

Unfortunately, US politicians have no long-range plans except to win the next election. Serious problems, like worsening education, seem to get mere lip-service attention instead of solutions, and have been getting worse over the years.

So - the deterioration in various areas of US life is continuing, just as Robert Heinlein described in his 1980 book of SF short stories and essays, "Expanded Universe." He implied in the book that there was no solution in sight, and that things would get worse.

Very regretfully, I see no change in the downward trends either. To quote from "Babylon 5" - the avalanche has started, and it is too late for the pebbles to vote.

Anonymous said...

I want a t-shirt. 'Govern, or STFU.' Seriously, you'll make a fortune. Thanks again, driftglass.

tomitron said...

i want a tshirt too

john_m_burt said...

Why would we expect them to govern, when they never have?

We fought the revolution while they cowered and counted their shillings.

We saved the country from total collapse during the Depression, while they moped and whined.

We defeated Fascism while they preached appeasement.

We passed the Voting Rights Act while they stalled and dithered.

The only other time they held as many red states as they stole in 2004, we held an "election" to toss them out, and freed their slaves, too.

We built this country, we foolishly let them steal it, and now it's time for us to take it back before they finish drowning it.

Anonymous said...

Um....David Cassidy vs. Uther Pendragon?

I would love to see a debate, ANY debate, that involves any sort of higher brain function.

They want to run us into the ground, you know? Right into the ground. They only live for today. They don't even give a damn about their own progeny.
This is not their "failure." This is their plan.

Weep, my children. Weep.

Mister Roboto said...

One thing I have to say, though. Concluding astrology is nonsense is one thing. Assuming that anybody who might have an interest in it is your enemy is another thing the logic of which rather escapes me at the moment.

Anonymous said...

how about 'Govern and STFU'

I'll take three either way. Gotta be pocket tees though.

Drifty, once again, fabulous.

Anonymous said...

DG- since your one condition involves waiting for these shit-stains to deal with reality, I predict you'll have a long wait. I hope Castle Driftglass is well stocked with Single Malts of character and distinction.

PS- kid charlamange- when's your blog going live, bro?

Mister Roboto said...

One way to look at the whole thing is that when somebody makes a "mistake" that causes more money and power to accrue to them, it's a safe bet they will continue to make said "mistake".

Anonymous said...

US Blues--I do not intend to start a blog. I don't have the time, and I wouldn't want to do that much work even if I did have the time.--KC

Anonymous said...

USB--I don't intend to start a blog. I lack the time, and I wouldn't want to do the work if I DID have time.--KC

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the double post, but that illustrates another reason I don't want to start a blog; I am, at best, semi-literate about computers.---KC

Anonymous said...

KC- fair enough!

Anonymous said...

lolol....either that, KC or you're of TWO minds on the subject...they just HAPPEN to AGREE...

Saladin said...

republicans and democrats = sand or vaseline.

Don't hold your breath waiting for higher brain activity, they got their raise, surprise, surprise. That's all there is.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good point, saladin,
They got their raise, but can't fucking raise minimum wage? Bastards, the lot of them.

Saladin said...

terry, they can raise the minimum wage to 50 bucks an hour and it won't do a speck of good. There's this monster called INFLATION that is killing our money and this country. How well can someone live on 7 or 8 dollars an hour, especially without health benefits? If the rotting foundation is not dealt with, they can throw all the crumbs to us peasants they want, and we will still be poor and destitute. They like it that way, dontcha know? When you're desperate and scrambling to keep your head above water you don't have time to pay attention to the thieves behind the curtain. I am looking forward to the new Russo movie "From Freedom To Facism," it is something everyone of every political stripe needs to see.

Dale said...

In my humble opinion, this one is an absolute classic, Driftglass! When you're hot, you're hot. Write on...

jurassicpork said...

It never ceases to amaze me, Drifty, at how our minds run along parallel tracks. I expressed very much the same ideas this evening, in Just Pretend the Iceberg Isn't There.

There's a reason why this is the only website I've ever visited on my new cell phone, although reading it is hard work, since the words are arranged vertically in ee cummings fashion like an html post in which you forget to close the center tag.

But reading it is worth the hassel, even if the pictures don't come up.

Btw, DG, you might want to amend my blogroll since I have a new place up.

Anonymous said...

Goddamn, I needed a Driftglass fix.


And, on my bluegrass site, where the shit and the arguing flows more freely than on any OTHER bluegrass site (at least, on the porch side, away from the happy-times music forum) in the whole blogworld (most of them, they debate on which ass-cheek Bill Monroe had his life-threatening carbuncle in 1952) I have just been the subject of a fairly serious warbot dogpile, complete with demands that I be banned from the site.

Didn't work. :o) A few people came out to defend me, and several of them pointed out the little thingy in the dog-piler's hands, called a "mouse", which had to be moved over my posts, in order for them to become deeply offended at my requests for them to, Moses-like, give us the "plan" to get out of the wilderness of flying body parts and bushCo's fortress amerika $600 millyun dollar embassy-slash-CIA station, and goatboy's Churchillain willingness to see any number of Iraqi people and american troops sacrificed to cover his political ass.

(They REALLY don't like it when I say that...:o))

But the site creator, yclept "Rafe", while a conservative, is a fair-minded conservative, so he hasn't yielded to the yowls from the outraged "patriots" yet.

As the wheels keep coming off, and as I keep pointing out the sparks flying off the fucking bare rims, I think he may be secretly enjoying all my rowdy posting.

It'll be interesting to see if I can stick around until the helicopter-on-the-roof moment.

Or maybe just until the mid-terms, where one democratic house of congress will monkeywrench the bastards all to hell and gone.

I'm encouraged by having some "middle" americans stand up for my right to call the asshats on their bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Tanbark,
where-bouts are you sloggin?

Anonymous said...

Skunq, it's if you want to read, come on over, but I have to ask, if you're not a picker or a fan, could you not post?

I'm sorry, but it's an...honor thing, with me. I haven't loaded the place up with good, smart, lefties, and Haysus Christo, if DriftGlass got over there, he'd think he'd died and gone to heaven, it's such a "target-rich environment".

I'd have to go into guilt counselling, for six months, if I sicced HIM onto those poor fuckers. :o)

Goddamn, it'd be like a 15 foot Great White in a 30 foot aquarium with a hundred harbor seals in it. :o)

As I've said; they're not...evil people. Very little of the LGF psycho-nazi shit gets up, and the moderators hardly ever jerk on anyone's chain, unless it gets to threats or invites to meet and physically mix it up, which just doesn't happen, and while it gets some personal..."idjit", "cipher",
"super-patriot", "denial-queen", etc., most of us have been stirring it up for thousands of posts over the three and a half years I've been there. We're kind of friendly enemies.

And, if you're into the music, it's a GREAT bluegrass site. On the "tribe" side, all is sweetness and light, (unless you start talking about "newgrass vs. bluegrass", which gets heated) and who's hot and who's not. On the "porch" side, is where the fireworks take place. And, there's the "outhouse", where anything goes, and which is mostly dirty jokes.

On the porch, I asterisk "clusterf**k"; like that.

Early on, before I ever got there, Rafe, the site creator, in a moment of totally unwarranted optimism, put a block on "shit", but I got around that in a hurry, and of course, now use the most important word in the English Language like so: "bull$hit!":o)

It's gotten bitter a few times, and I think, as the meat-eating petro-dactyls wing their way home to the Oval Office and start crapping half-digested body parts on Goatboy's desk, it will probably get a lot more bitter, to the point that Rafe may decide to shut down the political debate, after all.

At which point, I will be unable to take much pleasure from debating the relative merits of pre-war Martin guitars vs. post-war Martin guitars, and will leave, rather than bury my head in the grass, even if it is colored blue.

Anonymous said...

I should add, I am, of course, by far, the biggest and most obstreporous turd in the punchbowl.


But a few other people have come out of the closet, and with 4 or 5 of us posting and ragging ass, and putting up little rebuttal gleanings from AW.Com, it's been a bit of a shock to the cons there, who could dog-pile on me about "ruining a good site with politics", and hardly a dissenting word.

Of course, I point out that their dislike of political threads has been growing at exactly the same pace as the news that Iraq has turned into the total $hitmire that I warned them it would, way back while bush was still pimping his war and waving Saddam's bogus yellowcake hunt around like a drunk with his dick, in a bus station bathroom.

And I did, and they know it.


Rafe must get 20 emails a week, asking him to ban me, but for some reason, he's letting the hogs root and flash tusk at each other. Maybe he likes seeing a little hide fly. :o)

Anonymous said...

It is the ONLY bluegrass site where the posters can mix it up over politics.


KEvron said...

against a wingnut, the gods, themselves, contend in vain.

debating a wingnut on the internets is virtually (!) impossible. a wingnut'll employ every logical fallacy known to man and chimp in obstinate defense of their indefensible positions. and pointing out their fallacies to them only seems to elicit more of the same, the passive/aggressive little phuckers! i don't even bother to try anymore.

i'm not above a discussion, but debate? phooey....


Anonymous said...

So this is gettin totally off topic, but

Thanks TB,
I'll naught post nor squeak - unless squoken to! ;-)

As a closed mouth gathers no foot.

As for pickin and grinnin - I do dabble in the Grass, but nowadays I'm strictly a tourist, not a playa. Sumthin tells me yer more 'Bad Livers' than Nickle Creek? If yer thirstin for something a little off the beaten path, try a few rounds of The Shots.


Anonymous said...

skunq, I'm not familiar with them, but I'll check 'em out.

And you're as right as a snake.

It's wierd. Musically, I'm way closer to Big Mon, Don Reno, Earl, etc., and the hard-driving stuff, than I am to N.C. or Grisman.

For me, the best it gets is a good, tight, band, standin' out in the parkin' lot, and cuttin' the hell out of some great traditional grass.

I like the hard-singing bluegrass ladies, too.

Rhonda Vincent's great. Michelle Nixon's fun, when she's doin' traditional...

But the lady that knocks my socks off is Alecia Nugent.

She don't pick, and her singin's not all slick and pretty, like Alison, but her voice is so wonderfully edgy and honest, that she makes those millionaire country divas sound like a bunch of hookers standin' out on a street corner arguing over a john.

She's gettin' into "crossover country" more than I care for, but we all know that cuttin' CD's full of traditional bluegrass, is a good way to starve.

I can't fault her for tryin' to broaden her fan base. Especially when she's touring hard and playing a lot of straight-up bluegrass at the festivals. And that's all you CAN play there.

Nickel Creek not spoken. :o)

You can check out some clips at her website if you want to.

Her first CD is a gem. Bluegrass-slash-country; titled Simply: "Alecia Nugent", it's pure twang. She does the old Jenny Lou Carson song, "Jealous Heart", and her voice swoops and soars like a kite on a string. It's like she's crookin' her finger at me and goin':

"C'mere to me, boy...I'm gone put you in touch with your feelin's." :o) And she does.

She's walkin' down the hallway of my heart and mind, kickin' open doors that have been closed for me for 30 years.

Her new CD, "Little Girl on a big 4 lane", only has one or two BG tunes on it. But there's one cut "Muddy River", that is off the scale. It's swampgrass, or sumpin'. But it's pure-ass Alecia. (She's from smalltown Louisiana)

She's an underdog; I think, just too real, to ever make it big, but I been listenin' to this music for 45 years, and I ain't never heard the beat of her.

Be talkin' to you. :o)

And Kevronious, you're right, too.

Arguing with them is maddening. They KNOW what's at stake; goatboy got down on his knees in the alley, and rolled the bullshit dice, and now they're coming up bloody-assed snakeyes, and the bushheads, from the top down, are squealing and jerking around like stuck hogs, trying to duck the responsibilty for what they've created.

I mean, what's performing a pre-frontal lobotomy on your own cognitive ability, and buttfucking the english language crosseyed, when the whole goddamn conservative world view is at risk?

I just keep goin' over to AW.Com and putting up the OTHER body count, and pointing out, more recently, how some of our troops are getting Calley-ized.

How'd you like to be in the 502nd Inf. Regiment, serving in Mahmoudiyah?

Now that it's coming out about the 5 members of the regiment who stalked and raped that 15 year old girl there, and then burned her body and killed her family, it's not hard to put 2+2 together. The soldiers who were captured at the checkpoint near Mahmoudiyah, and were killed and mutilated, were almost certainly, payback.

You don't screw around with Muslim women. If you do, blood will flow.

I posted today that the members of the 502nd I.R., the next time they mix it up with the insurgents in Mahmoudiyah, ought to save one round for themselves, just in case.

But, I'm sure they've figured that out.

(Where's my grimace-face, when I need it? :o()

Anonymous said...


The young woman the 5 members of the 502nd I.R. alledgedly raped and killed, was an elementary school teacher, the DellNewsPage is now saying.

As for "alledgedly", there are military people close to the investigation who are saying the one of the troops has already confessed.

Sorry about the misinformation.

Anonymous said...

It's not our fault! It's the New York Times! It's all their fault! Damn them, damn them to hell.

jurassicpork said...

Tanbark, dude:

You seriously need to start a blog.

Anonymous said...

What JP said - Tanbark

I'll second that! If only to keep Drifty's comments cubboard free of dustbunnies, snarkmonkeys, bloghogs, git-pickers, banjo players, and other feral creatures of ill-repute.

As Steve G wisely kicked DG out, Uncle Drifty's gonna have to take you out back to the shed if'n ya keep sassing the wingnutters like that! wash yer mouff out with that 100 proof.

anyhoo - thanks for the tips, I'll check out Alecia Nugent. As for purity - some traditions blend real nice, and somethings are better when they're distilled. And the best stills keep outta site..


Anonymous said...

JPork, that's high praise comin' from you, but I'm not computer savvy enough to run a blog, and I don't want to take the time to learn.

As long as Drift and Steve will let me hang around, and get fired up by them, and the other good hearts'n'minds like yourself, I'm content.

Now, Skunq, on the other hand, talks pretty good, hisself, and I bet he IS computer Savvy. :o)

For me, here's how it works:

I wrestle with the cons on BGRules, and get tired, and down, from the kind of shit we're reading and hearing about, more and more, like the rape and murder of the school teacher and her family, while their brains continue to rot beneath their denial-queen tiaras.

But then, I come over to Steve's and Drift's, and it's R&R, big time.

And I climb back into the foxhole, and there are a few people over there, who aren't intimidated enough to stop them from sayin', now and then, "Keep firin'...we hear you!"

All I will claim, is that by speaking out within a couple of weeks of registering to post on the site, back in the run-up to the $hitmire, I've encouraged the few lefties who happen to be into the music like me, to also sound off.
It's paying off, in that the cons can't run their bullshit as freely as they used to, with 4 or 5 of us on there, to come back at them.

Worth something, I hope.

Hugs to all, expecially, the DriftMaestro. TB. :o)

Anonymous said...

kevron sent me...

So ...why ya wanna do de chicaga accent?

cieran said...

Sir Driftglass:

Just spent the last week lollygagging on the dunes of Lake Michigan, well away from internet or cell phone access. And now that I've returned to get my past-due fix of Vitamin-DG, I find that, once again, you've hit the nail on the head with your words and thoughts.

Accountability in government... what a concept!

Good luck getting the Democratic party to pay any attention. And thanks again for the great work!

jurassicpork said...


That wasn't exactly praise. You seriously need to hang your own shingle. We left blogians have the attention spans of ADD-addled goldfishies. And when you write a comment that long we have a tend... Where was I again?

Anyway, read this incredible email that I just received on getting back from Maine.

Bottom line: The good news is, I'm a recording star on the West Coast.

The bad news? Someone forgot to tell me.

Anonymous said...


You been workin' in a coal mine?

"Cause I work every morning
Hauling coal by the ton,
But when saturday rolls around
I'm too tired to have any fun"

Anonymous said...

JPork, I hear you; there's just SO much to be pissed about, these days.

Lily Tomlin's great little comment bears repeating:

"No matter how cyinical you get, you can't keep up." :)

I'll try to make 'em shorter...:)

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