Thursday, April 18, 2019

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Could Never Have Gotten Away with Firebombing American Democracy...

...if +60 million Republican voters, Republicans in congress, Hate Radio and Fox News hadn't been more than happy to drive the getaway car.

Never underestimate how much Conservatives hate this country.

Behold, a Tip Jar!


One Fly said...

And few others give much of a shit about it as well.

Robt said...

Of anyone hasn't noticed. The republicans. As a political party, with elected congressmen, the NRA, Right wing media, with the GOP big ans small donors.

Are all complicit, deeply stated involved, enablers and beneficiaries of Putin and his agenda against America.

Somehow the GOP feels/ believes their idea of shaping America's future into their conservative immaculate conception of Ayn Rand novel series. Is the end to their means.

They feel assured they can fend off Putin and what is owed to him while imposing their shrouded religious financial white supremacy and their is a place for them in this future.
The world of the chosen must obey and be punished and the chosen ones who devise the laws to be obeyed and the punishment for those malcontents that disobey.
The only way they can make this happen is to have a special class of people above these laws. So they can be unbiased?

Thing is, GOP cannot create a health care plan. Cannot even improve on it.
Yet, God told Sarah Sanders Trump was chosen out of every eligible American and "ONLY he can fix it".

I can only tell you in the insect world. Not every ant colony survives. But they all follow mindlessly their chosen Queen. To the end of their existence.

What never occurred on the TV show, "the apprentice". Trump never fired himself for making poor mistakes in his judgement.

Which would have been the highest rating episode if it was ever produced and aired.