Wednesday, March 20, 2019

People Don't Understand How Hard It Was for Leni Riefenstahl...

... to break into the male-dominated world of Nazi film-making.

From Dana Bash at CNN:
Our political media is broken beyond repair.

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Jimbo said...

Good point. Kellyanne, of course, became infamous for inventing the phrase "alternative facts", a kind of Colbertian equivalent to "truthiness" but much more cynical, of course. The Conways are just DC Establishment conservative players and they are, in fact, both idly playing around with our demented "president".

dinthebeast said...

Missing is the part between her humble New Jersey roots and her service to Fergus when she worked for Todd "legitimate rape" Akin, which kinda clarifies her trajectory a little.
Hashtag bad ass hole DC.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

What Mr. Mlania needs to clarify is,

If Kelllygirl is such a prize.
* How did Raphael Cruz acquire her first and why did she stomp on Mr. Malania then?

* How did Kellygirl come to slum marry Mr. kelllygirl if he is such a
"Wack job" ?

Nunescow wants to know.
Mr Malania speaks too soon of McCain's ungratefulness for his funeral.

I hear McCain is making a come back on the Walking Dead episode this season.

McCain's cameo apperance will be to thank Mr malania For his funeral.

Loony Liberal said...

The Google gurus have informed me that Michelle Obama has a string of successes despite heavy opposition from the aforementioned male dunderheads. As an added bonus, I don't scream at the screen in a frothy rage when Michelle Obama talks, what with her not lying and gaslighting for the baboon that has the nuclear codes.

It's probably a good thing that the majority of CNN aren't gamers. They'd skewer the hell out of the Mega Man games, portraying Dr. Wily as a misunderstood protagonists and a visionary in the robotics field.