Friday, February 01, 2019

Professional Left Podcast #478

“Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners."
-- James Stewart

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dinthebeast said...

It sure sounds a lot like panic in the voices of all of those wealthy, reasonable, centrists when they try to denigrate the "extreme" policies being discussed by the newly elected Democratic majority as radical when they are anything but, which is what they are really terrified of: what if democracy actually works this time and popular policies get enacted?
What if Nancy Pelosi is thinking ahead and laying the groundwork for two years of Democratic government that gets all of that stuff she passed last time into actual law?
In the latest of his legal setbacks, Fergus is being sued by Zaphod Beeblebrox for copyright infringement for trying to make distraction the main job of the president.
Thank you again for the podcast. We are in the middle of a storm that will dump inches of rain on us and feet of snow on the mountains, but down here by the bay it never freezes, so we have it easy by comparison. Stay warm if you can.

-Doug in Oakland

e.a.f. said...

some of these "centerists" are just so "right wing", its just funny, the former c.e.o tries to promote himself as a centrist. omg, who is he trying to kid. There is nothing centrist about him. He's a very, very, very rich person who wants to own more than a company. My perspective is its another rich white guy trying to satisfy his ego They first wanted to own sports team, (looked like a form of slavery to me) Then they wanted to own "name" newspapers (looked like they wanted to control what opposition to them). Now they want to control the country. Guess, they thought if you can "own" a team or newspaper, why not the country. You pay a lot of money and they let you run the whole thing, including the military and then along comes Nancy Pelosi.

These billionaires who think "health care for all" is radical. Hell, most of the G-20 countries have it. Whats so radical about it? What is radical about a government providing health care to its citizens. Its no different than providing roads, bridges, education. Of course not providing health care does keep some people in a form of serfdom.

Health care, like we have in Canada, provides people freedom. You are free to move from employer to employer without fear of loosing health care. its freedom from bankruptcy. its just freedom of fear period. Its about time americans got the freedom they've been talking about since they had their revolution.