Friday, January 04, 2019

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

Nancy Pelosi has been Speaker of the House for all of about five minutes, and already the Both Sides Do It club is reconstitution itself.

Fun fact:  Both Jonathan Capehart and Matthew Dowd blocked me a long ago for pointing out that Both Siderism was lazy, dishonest bullshit.

Funny old world.

Behold, a Tip Jar!


Robt said...

It is not Pelosi, or other Dem chair positions to speak foul smack.

But Rep. Rashida TIaib and many other Democrats should use the foul language in regards to Trump or other republicans like, "You Lie" Joe Wilson during Obama speaking during the SOTU.
This is not only Trump. !!!

Sen. Warren has announced seeking a presidencial bid. It is not in Warren's character or vocabulary to SLUT MOUTH like Trump. And this will advantage Trump and GOP during anything goes (even sell out to Russia) campaign.

I recall the GOP calling Liberals, Snowflakes for their brittle sensitive feeling when Trump or GOPers would SLTU MOUTH a Dem.
Take away Trump's inane childish foul put down attraction that appeals to his base because he , only he will speak like a regular guy?

I say, Impeach the mother fucker, are words Trup and his GOP will understand. Because Trump says he has the best words, as his best words for him are always SLUT MOUTHING words.
A good watch on the YouTube. Go here

tony in san diego said...

Okay, call him a Pussygrabber. No one can object to that.

Robt said...

How about good old boy Joe Wilson.

During Obama SOTU. While the President is speaking. Representative (poorly behaved) republican Joe Wilson disrespect the president and the entire nation. By interrupting the President and yelling out, "You lie!"
(no proof, pure partisan opinion and never amounted to any fact).

Maybe if disrespectful Joey had Mr Dowd there to tell us how both sides and if Joe Wilson had to apologize not just to the president in private but publicly to the nation. How this would make Obama the same disrespectful fuck Joe Wilson was.
Dowd and his two wrongs do not make a right. Should sometime begin the process of applying that to the GOP.

Who waited for 2 years. The last week of their majority GOP control to pass a budget. The did NOT include wall funding. As the Senate passed it.
Only for the presidents top advisers on AM radio, FOX to sway him to refuse to sign unless he pouted and got something no matter how useless.
As watch the House revote with wal funding that could not make it thru Senate. As we all watched.
I do not need to know Dowd's excuses for now minority GOP. To vote against a budget they had first voted for without wall play money.

I know Dowd has no concerns that the Trump promised Mexico will pay for the wall and not Americans.
For Dowd will say "all " politicians break their promises. Only this Trump, says he has kept every promise and how different he is. Not to mention when shit hits fan. Trump blames other or makes a big statement how he is going to talk to someone in charge?
Dowd must be on someones payroll to normalize Trump. I am sure Dowd was impressed with Trump's Helsinki performance.

Robt said...

if they canot disagree with PussyGraber.

What about being bi sexual.

Trumpy did say in public that Mitt Romeny dropped to his knees and would do anything Trump told him . While on those knees.

I mean what is the "pedophile" word for an old guy like Trump that enjoys dominatrix sex with other old men.

makes you not want to wonder about Paul Ryan, McConnell, Rudy and how far did kavanaugh realy go?