Friday, August 10, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #453

“The mob is the mother of tyrants." 
-- Diogenes, big thinker

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crweaver said...

John Pavlovitz, a blogger, goes 'full Driftglass' in this post:

Robt said...

Like why do all the bigoted white supremacists have to assemble together in the liberal labor union together manner?
-Aren't these folks the independent rugged individualists that would never indulge in socialism in any way or form?

Like the ending of Sparticus, will we be treated with masses of people standing uot and saying, " I am Qanon", No, I am Qanaon".
If you go by the movie, it doesn't end well for them.

As the forgotten Trump voting Farmers receive GOP small Government socialism
On top of all the Federal subsidies and all the state subsidies as consumers still will pay more at the store in higher prices when AG has production problems.
In the meantime, the smartest most brilliant man who was born with all the knowledge of everything and everyone. The toughest most rugged individual. How tough is he?
So tough that his foot bone spurs lodged in his head. Might have kept him out of being accepted into military service when his country called on him. But, those foot bone spurs that got lodged him his skull from sticking his foot in his mouth so aggressively. Cannot keep him from creating, SPACE FORCE.!

We all have seen the tears in the eyes of the liberals over this. Sadly, they are tears born from exhausting laughter. Such a genius move to place VP Pence in charge of it. We will end you with pat Robertson's 700 club broadcasts being performed live in space. With Thoughts and prayers that will certainly be heard clearer from proximity closer to the heavens. Which will be very comforting when Little Rocket man nukes an outdoor concert in Las Vegas.

Note the magnetic pull polarization the republican ideology generates at the capital.
One thing I haven't been able to comprehend maybe someone can assist me.

What is with Whire supremacists with the sun tans?