Thursday, July 05, 2018

The Left Was Right about the Right All Along

Mr. E.J. Dionne gets one, important fact wrong in his otherwise accurate assessment of our politics. 

See if you can spot it.
The centrist heavenly chorus is off-key

Among the myths that can steer us off course in the Trump era, three are particularly popular.

First, that political polarization is primarily a product of how elites behave and not the result of real divisions in our country.

Second, that a vast group of party-loathing independents can be mobilized by anti-partisan messages.

Third, that Republicans and Democrats are becoming increasingly and equally extreme, so they should be scolded equally.

All these pious wishes are false, as Alan I. Abramowitz’s latest book, “The Great Alignment: Race, Party Transformation, and the Rise of Donald Trump,” makes clear.
The error?

Among the myths that can steer us off course in the Trump era
The idea that these lies -- not myths, lies -- are some spontaneous, xenogenic phenomenon of the Trump era is not just wrong but exactly backwards.  These lies have been the universal alibi offered by every Republican for decades every time they're caught lurching ever further into outright fascism.  At the same time, these lies have been paying the mortgage on the estates of Beltway hack for decades.

And it was these two betrayals of democracy acting together -- the Right's long slog into madness and the media's fanatical insistence that it the GOP wasn't really going nuts, that it only seemed that way because of the Extremes on Both Sides, and that they should therefor remain obsessively focus on a nonexistent army of Independents who sat in the Sensible Center and were appalled by Both Sides -- that paved the way for a racist madman like Donald Trump to win the White House.

And if Mr. E.J. Dionne is really interested in further clarification about how the Big Lies of these two, cohorts of professional liars -- the Right and the Beltway media -- reciprocated and reinforced each other decade after decade, he can do the one thing that none of us can do.  He can lean across the table next Friday and ask his very good friend and NPR radio partner, Mr. David Brooks, some very simple questions.

Mr. David Brooks, who has made an entire fucking career out of inventing Independents out of thin air and algorithmically cranking out the same toxic "Both Sides Do It" drivel, twice a week, every week, year after year after year.

Ask him, E.J. 

Just ask him.

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Robt said...

Where have you been? Haven't you heard the warning sirens set off by conservatives across the country requiring all to take cover and submit?

That the conservatives who so despised Political Correctness and any iota of deference or respect for their perceived enemies. They have now Ordered a decree.
Stop bashing Trump! It hurts. It is religiously principled for a hateful florist or cake baker to refuse customers based on whatever the the most hot button propaganda the swallow and obey and act on.
They are now victims. Like Huckabee,Sarah the false witness in her own Bible. Being asked to leave a diner because of her official disrespect for Certain Americans she has judged as low life. Therefore it is forgiven by her God and that paycheck is rewarding from the same people she lies to that pays her salary.
The most important assert of the republican is the animosity from the wealthiest conservatives who pay to buy politicians to use government to punish those Americans who do not subscribe or submit to every billionaire's doctrine of how people shall live by a doctrine they decided is best for use, (but not for them).

The simplest way to present this is,
never once has the religious right GOP "ever" made an attempt to curb or outlaw legal prostitution. An industry that serves a Sheldon Adelson's casino business profitable well. To ban this, would be against state rights. To over turn Roe V Wade or ban Pot in the states is fine to over ride state rights for.

How about this,
Ovr turning of Roe V
Wade and banning abortions. How do they hold accountable the likes of Elliot Brody from paying his mistress to have an abortion?
How would you stop the wealth and power of Rebecca Mercer from having an abortion if she wanted it? They have created different justice systems by economic value. The more more financial worth. The less the laws apply to you. And a Rebecca Mercer can fund such anti abortion and reproductive care and freedom. Because she knows, her wealth none of it applies to her.

Ther is you ideological religious [political belief in a nut sack.

Note" EJ is a man that remarkably holds civility as an value and tries to alleviate the heart burn of discord as to reach the rationale of people.
Someone needs to chat with EJ. Advise him that KKK, NAZIS risen to combine forces with all hate groups. Organized by the right for ideological gains. But it is also true, the White Supremacists were Conservatives all along. Like the Tea Potters who were drugged from the bottom of the GOP John Birch Society and brought that sludge up to the surface and put on the banks of the GOP River Styx. (See river in Hates).

I like most of EJ writings. He has always had a demeanor of respect that could not call out an ugly duckling on the idea it may some day become a beautiful Swan. From all the fairy tales as a youth he was exposed to perhaps.
I wouldn't look to EJ to use a harsh ratchet to tighten the loose screws of the GOP.

jim said...

Possibly worth noting that the left's tragic flaw has been hoping too hard that its perspective was either unfair or incorrect. That flaw has been vaporized in the blast wave of feral stupidity that is current GOP policy.