Friday, July 20, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #450

“450 episodes?  Really?  Damn." 
-- driftglass

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VonWenk said...


You were sounding a little down two episodes ago over being let go from your part-time job. Don't lose hope about ever finding a job or even a full-time position. I've been unemployed for long stretches over the past 12 years, and I recently was hired full-time in my profession of choice (fingers crossed on how long this job will last, given Trump's sabotage of the economy). It's a welcome distraction from hearing the latest atrocity the Republicans are pertpetrating on this country and the pundits patting themselves on the back in daylong circle-jerks for some small measure of "courage" in an ocean of both-siderism and feigned shock—shock, I tell you—to discover there is gambling in this establishment.

So, as my father constantly advises me, keep plugging away. Keep trying.

For some reason, my reaction to the House defunding efforts to defend our election systems was to continually think of Dracula not being able to enter a house unless an occupant of the house invited him in.

Robt said...

Among the thousands of dirty diapers the Baby President soils for everyone else to take care of.

Want to mention to any religious right superior folks out there.
When you fart in Church. You end up sitting in your own Pew, or is that Pee Yew? Possibly both.

Meremark said...

drifty good guy, loving bluegal, don't we -- I put a 't'in it, don'T we, because we do love you ,comma,

I bring a verbalblast quote here, as its style makes me think of one drifty, and we love you we do. Feel the love well intentioned.

Who did this verbalblast originally? Okay, bottom line link answers to that. First,

In what context did Who at first appear?
S/he is a voice from the vomments (typo. leave it) following an item somewhere in Medium .com -- a new (2 I) popularly running website with all kinds of stuff so various that no pattern I've found around a Medium shows me the intended purpose I expect to see adjusted Low Medium High...I must be stuck in old analog thinking.
Idk whether or not I have or require web permission on this. Is it a reprint? When there's a knock on your cornfield if it's someone from Medium, or author Johnson (who Idk & dnI), or the avatar licensing board on behalf of a bot or not, real, just tell them you don't know what to say. (Put a 't' in it. 'N.' 'T.' with a swirl in-between.) Anyway, the bot on the ground, level the voice herhmmself says it is to wonder where these words blast a sound falling in woods dark and deep promising no one's around.

What is it being verbalblast? Ignominy, in a word I guess.

S/he wails at ignorance, like the cult of Not Me has. And the futility of words with them. And what can a person, ignominious, do? Can anyone take the crazy out of politics now, or put sense in it?

The comment hits at rt.wing nutjobs but it's under Johnson's thing against left wingnut jobs being ignorant by reflexively ignoring publishments diss confirming their bias.
And ignominious I have that issue with you, counting driftglass and Chas. P. Pierce to begin with.

The issue for me is you 2 believe too much TV.
And this 'Russiagate' narrative, (or is it politics) is TooMuch over the top in-excessive all day-o, is a day-, is a day-, is a day-o. O' TV.

Disbelieve solely if the TV doth profess TooMuch.

Recognize and act by the dependent clause of the Big Lie rule, the part that says, "... and repeat it often enough." When (2 years) TV, MSM, you dg and CPP, keeps reciting and reminding (selves?) the narrative, see?, that is TooMuch dothing profess. By that alone I tell it's a Big Lie.

When 'America's Mayor' becomes known as Mr. (noun) (verb) 9/11, that alone is a proof 9/11 Official Narrative is a Big Lie. Not saying the truth. Just saying MSM's 9/11 is not the truth.

And ignominious I, ask why, don't you opinion influencers look at the void in your mind revealed behind removal of your repetition. Take away your blind stab "ObL's 19 Arabs did it (9/11)" -- just suspend belief (put a 't' in it), so he/they didn't do it, and what are you looking at in-behind where you roll away your rockhard faith the CIAMSM wouldn't lie to you?
You see nothing if you wouldn't ever glance to the left holding forth opportunity, means and motive elsewhere. (19 Arabs had no means: they couldn't fly airplanes. They didn't do it, remember?)

And I put it here to think you deserve more commenters voicing to your posts. Voices should be ashamed for dismissing notice in your work. Plus, s/he says 'fuck' a lot.

TooMuch word? The verbalblast quote takes up the next comment ...

Meremark said...


... And then I think about the one lady at the end of the lecture who effectively asks, “This is all well and good, but what are we supposed to do?” To which I pondered, “Wait, what?! Were you not sitting in the audience? You must’ve come in late, right? Because he just spent practically an hour providing you with the answer.” This being an admitted baby-boomer whom I can only assume is likely this very moment shitting herself over the Russians supposedly (STILL WAITING FOR THE FUCKING EVIDENCE MUELLER!!!!!) hacking our election. To which Biggers effectively responds with a small rehashing of his entire lecture.

What the fucking fuck, Modern Civilization?!

And so now, here I am with what at present will amount to likely throwing wasted verbiage into space, desperately hoping from the bottom of my heart that humanity begins to not only remember but figure out how immersed we are in a world where shitty ass fucking fuckers whom during late 18th century France were being literally dragged into the street to have their heads lopped off for being shitty ass fucking fuckers are perpetuating the very same acts deserving of lopped off heads. Which by no means am I literally calling for to happen, but merely hoping that humanity begins to get it, that we need to begin not just talking about caring for our families, friends, neighbors, communities, State, Nation, planet, but need to act upon doing so because our existence, or most explicitly, lack of, is undeniably on the line. Because if we don’t truly begin to act upon our better nature, our higher selves, oppose that desire to be a shitty ass human being because everyone else around me is being a shitty ass human being, and do so in an effort to uplift all of us, this shitty ass civilization is most definitely not surviving, and what will amount to this shitty ass species known as Human won’t either.

So in my own effort as reminder to my Self in penning these words, I intend to act more. Because I know like many of you, that a better world is possible. That we as a species have so much more to offer each other. I hope we will act in time. May we act with love for humanity, my love’s, for the sake of all of us!