Wednesday, June 20, 2018

S.E. Cupp Cannot Imagine a World Without National Socialism

So why is my graphic of Matthew Dowd -- "Portrait of a Political Analyst Looking For a Fence to Straddle" -- at the top of this post?

Because it is cross-referenced under: "Matthew Dowd is a fundamentally ridiculous person".



Because the man proffering Sippy Cupp the advice to shut up and vote Democrat even if it doesn't taste like Begian white chocolate or we're all gonna die is this guy, both from back in the days when some action in the general directions of not being a leader of the Don't Vote For Hillary Because K'rupt Duopoly circle-jerk might have made a tangible difference --
-- and from long past the point when anyone who was not transcendentally puerile would finally have given up the "Both Sides Do It" ghost.

Did happen to mention that Mr. Dowd is ABC News' chief political analyst?

That his whole fucking job is to not be this ostentatiously stupid about politics?

Weird, eh.

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Knight of Nothing said...

I knew you'd nail this! Well done.

If Dowd unblocked you and came crawling on his hands and knees with a bottle of Pappy's, begging for forgiveness and vowing to vote D until the day he dies, would you consider it? Tough call.

Meremark said...

Maybe to prove both sides -- Republican liars and TV liars -- both sides due it the same, ABC's Cheap Political Analist went to air today in the lower-third writing the false claim, "Manafort pleads guilty of 5 counts of manslaughter."

Way to go-WRONG-ABC Cheap Political Analist.

Robt said...

Like the choices of political innovation as the Tea Party? Koch Party? how about the White Nationalist party?

Matthew Dowd

"So tired of 2status quo parties telling everyone they have to choose between these 2, let folks innovate & use other choices" @ThisWeekABC

Let there be a national NAZI pary. Now that describes American democracy for republicans than any other.

Andrew Johnston said...

The best part of Dowd's self-righteous Twitterpating is always the thread that follows. He's banned all the liberals (a few sneaked in this time to give him shit for contradicting himself) but, again, he keeps a ever-growing stock of Trump cultists around to make him and his Very Serious followers look better by comparison. So basically, there are two responses:

-Both parties are in ruins, destroyed by Radicalism and Identity Politics. Anyway, I don't see labels; I always put country first.


-The Democraps are treasonous anti-American immigrant coddlers who do nothing but get in the way of Our Greatest President and his brilliant plan to save America.

And the latter comments have their own variety of bothsiderism (Sample: "The GOP is a Conservative Republican Tea Partier, that's the best news I think I've heard in the last 10 years"), so I don't know what Dowd's problem is - him and the Trump brigade seem to be on the same page.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

While I admire Ms. Cupp's "let's save the Republican Party" attitude, Gallup's got Mr. Trump's approval with Republicans at 90-freaking-percent...

I don't think they want to be saved, Mr. Incredible...

Be seeing you.

Robert Jenkins said...

I sense the cause of the queasiness many conservative talking heads like Cupp/Frum/Kristol/Brooks et al feel at renouncing their party is because they know the GOP cannot win a general election without the racist vote and winning elections is kinda the only thing the GOP does well (I would say by fair means or foul but as a statement its half false)

Everyone with a sense of history knows that the GOP needs a period of reflection on the electoral naughty step but deep cynics like cupp know that if you actively hive off votes to dems or a third party then the GOP may not be electorally competitive for the rest of cupps lifetime.

As far as dowd is concerned I have no idea what's going on there.

Robert Jenkins said...

That made me use the tip jar.

Sorry its not more but I had my crisis of conscious before making my first billion