Thursday, June 28, 2018

RIP Harlan Ellison

This one hurt.

This is a graphic I did once upon a time.

Harlan liked it so I sent it along to him.  We corresponded and chatted from time to time.  He also liked a story of mine.  He offered very good advice.  It was pretty terrific.

Of Mr. Ellison, the writer a 1980 L.A. Times profile reportedly said, “Ellison is fiercely independent, proudly elitist, frequently angry, tenacious and downright vengeful.”

Ironically, word has it that he passed away en route to the mandatory courtesy class which all keyboard-wielding Libtards are now required to attend.

Word also has it that he was dressed as a Harlequin, and carrying a monkey-wrench.

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bill said...

Sad day. His body of work lives on.

Hal Rager said...

I immediately thought of you…

Jimbo said...

Great writer and visionary. I'm a Sci-Fi fan and he was one of my favorites (for a lot of other people too). RIP.

Marc McKenzie said...

I broke down and cried upon reading the news of his passing.

I wasn't as lucky as you to get the chance to correspond with him (that did happen with Arthur C. Clarke, thankfully).

He was a true original. They broke the mold with him, and no one will ever build another one.

Mr.Shemp said...

I got to carry Harlan's gear back to his rental car after a lively speaking appearance in Michigan in the late '90s. I spoke more with Susan than Harlan at that time, but both of them were extremely kind to me.

He will always be my favorite author. This world wasn't good enough for him.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Hic depositum est Corpus
Ubi sæva Indignatio
Cor lacerare nequit,
Abi Viator
Et imitare, si poteris,
Strenuum pro virili
Libertatis Vindicatorem.

Obiit 28º Die Mensis Junius
A.D. 2018 Anno Ætatis 84º.

Michael Sweeney said...

Ahhhhhh... butt muffins!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I knew to check here right after reading the news at the Tor Books website. He really ushered in a new era for SF, a more ‘adult’ era. I’m saying that as an unabashed Space Opera fan.

drbopperthp said...

I was right there with you Marc.

Unknown said...

I discovered Harlan in the 1960's...been a fan ever since always there in the back of my brain along with HST.Miss you dude.