Thursday, June 21, 2018

Potty Mouth Will Get You Nowhere

In his stunted imagination, the typical Trump voter is a 1967 Hell's Angel who loves golf, can't see his dick anymore and rolls to the local Stupid Rally on his Pride Victory 10 4-Wheel Scooter.


Robt said...

The republican party has resolved this societal problem many times.

How, you ask?

Tax cuts that trickle down from the Oligarch wealth class Angels to the today's Hells Angel who puts his Hog on a trailer and transports it to the yearly Mecca in Sturgis. Rolls is Hog off the trailer once there and rides it into town and parks it along the others to belong.
Leather jacket with colors of Angel Chapter, shorts, sneakers with knee high with socks (with colored strips around their top).
Definitely the Wild Bunch.
Like Bush and his photo of the "young guns".

To quote Billy Joel,
"we didn't start the fire" Although it is fairly clear who did and who fans the flames instead of extinguishing them.

The victimhood and demands of respect and political correctness be mandatory when addressing any republican/ conservative (whatever that means this minute) is astounding. Inundated in my local paper's "public Pulse" citizen comments section.
Demanding the "Trump haters" apologize and kneel and pray to Trump. To stop chastising him. "Why is it liberals can only hate on Trump? The same folks that ignore Trump's irresponsible "Obama is not American born lie" They repeated like a parrot who only listened to Rush Limp-paw daily to learn to speak.
How they demand political correctness in which they despised up until now. The sensitive feeling of them being damaged by liberals.

They are voyeur arsonists...............

bowtiejack said...

One of your best. Nailed it.

dinthebeast said...

And their imaginations are in error in more than one sense, as all of the Hell's Angels I know own their houses in a city where the median price for a two bedroom is $700K...

'67 was a long time ago.

-Doug in Oakland

Dark Avenger said...

My home town. We knew how to deal with scum.

Meremark said...

'67 was yesterday. All my troubles seemed so far away. Now I need a place ...

I believe in yesterday.

In direct proportion I believe in tomorrow.
Just like everybody else believes, in and of themselves to be then, in space: force.

The hippies were right.

And Thompson said then, too, those some Angels as were 'cured' -- repaired of the internal violent 'side' and developed in mindfulness within, indeed as he (HST) managed -- were cured in the good psychedelics.

Even Studs Terkel tripped, btw, Illinois's own vamp.

All the way/time from '67, matter of incidental experiments (T&E) and clinic actuarials has swelled into peculuar pop psychs memed as, 'hillbilly LSD," "magic mushrooms can balance PTSD, addictions, recidivism," "performance-enhanced executives micro-dosing," or "side-effects punchlines" for 'everyone's on Ambien.'

The progress of Science is our progress in Mind. (Yes, there is extant Massmind, a bacteria-colony or hive mentality.)
See TV ads for mental 'fixers' with risky side-effects yet tens of millions are popping the pills and speaking of Mind, we do. As never before.
Except if you don't count the hippies.

They were right.

Keep in Mind this 'whole' LSD thing is out of the CIA experiments for ultra Mind kontrol, into behavior control, so Science wardens might get prisoners' Mind right without torture's violence and the screams and all. It was Korean Conflict time and our torturers learned a lot taking their beachhead in Asia, techniques with bamboo, eg, rather than smelted metal as it took into Normandy into Europe.

As far as the hippies took California, (not the Hell's Angels sort), perhaps its Asia's beachhead, toehold, into North Americans' Mind heading thus altering the course or bearing, encompassed in yoga mats, meditation moods and Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treatment.

'67 is today. So is right being right as the hippies are.

... sorry to sob so long, mates, idk, just triggered something in Mind and I saw a flashforward. Y'know, someday we'll all be dead but right will still be right.
Trump Company is not right. 'tetched in the head, tweeting to the loo